To : Wesley R. Elsberry Subj: Just a Theory RB Evolution is just that +quot;widely accepte

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From: Steve Geller 25 Jun 94 19:44 To : Wesley R. Elsberry Subj: Just a Theory RB> Evolution is just that "widely accepted scientific theory" not RB> necessarily FACT!!!! RB> It has a great deal of support, so do false polititions, doesn't RB> make them right!!!! RB> Get the drift??????? WRE> I think that we have all figured out that your biology background is > somewhere near nonexistent, if that is what you were driving at. "Just a Theory" seems to be the standard creationist opening line. It's the same as telling us that (a) the person is a creationist and (b) the person has no science background. Nobody complains about teaching the Kinetic Theory of Gases or or the Theory of Relativity. Nobody even complains about the Malthusian Theory of Population. The Theory of Evolution is singled out, not for any scientific reason, but because some religious believers think Evolution implies that God does not intervene in the world. This objection can be put to rest by thinking of species change as just a long-term property of life, and that God works in that contest just as God works in the context of climate. But there still are those who remain, wailing about "just a theory", because it doesn't fit with the Genesis story of all life created at one time, fully-formed. Of course the Genesis story is barely an hypothesis, let alone a theory. There's no way to deal rationally with this objection, because everyone doesn't share belief in divine biblical revelation.


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