A Theory of Creation, by Darren M. Forbes BSc. and Jonathan M. Ashley BSc. dmf@aber.ac.uk

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A Theory of Creation, by Darren M. Forbes BSc. and Jonathan M. Ashley BSc. dmf@aber.ac.uk jma@aber.ac.uk Communications should be addressed to the authors. Abstract -------- A complete grand unified theory of creation is presented to account for the existence of the universe, the planet Earth, and the observed organic life inhabiting the aforementioned planet. Introduction ------------ The theory is based upon the premise that the universe was created by a singular deity in a period of approximately seven days[1]. This deity will hereafter be referred to as "God", or "the LORD". It should be noted that for the purposes of this paper a day does not necessarily cover the same period of time as that which would be measured by observing the duration of a single revolution of the Earth upon its axis. The theory ---------- The LORD created the universe intact in a period of seven days, including all species which are currently found on this planet. Contrary evidence was simultaneously created in an integrated and apparently misleading manner for reasons yet to be explained, although various hypotheses have been advanced[2,3]. Results ------- Measurements were made over a period in excess of 40 days and 40 nights using standard physical sensations, and preliminary results would appear to confirm that the Earth and surrounding firmament does in fact exist[3]. A thought experiment was conducted[6], indicating that the participants existed. We have also directly observed the existence of organic life in divers forms as predicted by the theory, specifically fish and birds[1,8,9]. Furthermore, much evidence directly contradicting the theory has been observed, again as predicted[4,5]. Conclusions ----------- The universe exists and God did it. It is populated by a number of sentient and non-sentient life forms. The theory is sufficiently flexible to encompass all observable evidence. The authors believe that this exciting new theory merits much further research and massive funding. In particular, we would like to see more time spent gathering contradictory supporting evidence, viz. fossils, geological dating, etc. References ---------- [1] The Bible God the Father, God the Son, et. al., Collins, 1367, many reprints. [2] Ultimate Questions John Feelgood, Christian Evangelical Press, 1990. [3] WatchTower, vol. 28 no. 7 pp.1-8 author unk., 1987. [4] The Origin of Species C. Darwin, Oxford University Press, 1883. [5] Private communication The LORD, various dates. [6] The Critique of Pure Reason, 2nd edition R. Descartes, Existential Press, 1904. [7] Software Engineering Environments, vol. 3 ed. F. Long, Wiley 1992. [8] The Beginner's Bumper Book of Birds C.P. Larch, et. al., Ladybird, 1972. [9] Fly Fishing J.R. Hartley, Firebird Press, 1989, reprinted twice.


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