1. +quot;creation science+quot; makes some claims that lie outside the purview of science

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1. "creation science" makes some claims that lie outside the purview of science and other claims which have been rejected as unsupported by the scientific evidence; it therefore has no place in the science curriculum; 2. the scientific evidence for evolution is overwhelming, although (as with all scientific theories) the theory of evolution continues to be revised in light of newly acquired evidence; 3. the teaching of biology without evolution is akin to teaching chemistry without atomic theory, physics without gravitation, or earth science without plate tectonics; and in short, teaching biology without evolution is educational malpractice; 4. those who claim that "evolution is only a theory" and that other "theories" such as creationism should receive equal time do not understand the use of the term theory in its scientific sense; 5. religious dogma is an inappropriate criterion for the determination of curriculum in public schools; and 6. the Supreme Court has prohibited the mandated teaching of creationism in public schools, even when evolution is taught.


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