To: Ron Stringfellow Msg #828, Oct0193 20:00:40 Subject: Archeological rambling Hi Ron, RS

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From: Peter Arnall To: Ron Stringfellow Msg #828, Oct-01-93 20:00:40 Subject: Archeological rambling Hi Ron, RS> 1) Ramapitheciece : a piece of jaw and several teeth which RS> suit the orangutan family As you know, Lewis did not know whether these fossils were hominids or not. They were in rocks over seven million years old. It is the age that counts in this case IMO. And you did not mention Sivapithecus, which was similar and found nearby. RS> 2) Java Man, homo erectus: an ape-like skull fragment, and a RS> human bone that was found 50 feet away. The ape-like skull had a retreating forehead and eyebrow ridges, like Neanderthal skulls, with a brain capacity of 900 ml i.e 60 percent of current human brain volume, and twice as large as any gorilla brain. And it wasn't a child's skull. Dubois found a thighbone 15 metres away, and was convinced that they belonged together. However von Koenigswald found another three similar skulls in the same area. RS> 3)Australopithecus, Lucy : disproved by the founder's son- RS> the hip claim was disproven, the kneww was found over a RS> mile away and 200 feet deeper. Australopithecus Afarensis is consistent with the other Australopithecus fossils. It is important to note that "Lucy" is about 4 million years old. Who is Donald Johnson's son? RS> 4) Piltdown man - ahhh well you know :) Yes. And as YOU know, it took analysis of fluorine content to prove it wrong. Who was the researcher, Ron, BTW? We'll probably never know whether Dawson was the practical joker! RS> 5) Neanderthal Man : x-rays proved bones reveal stooped RS> over creature with rickets...a disease similar to RS> arthritis- human bones. Certainly Virchow claimed this. However two similar skeletons, the skulls having pronounced bony ridges over the eyes, with backwards sloping forehead and receding chin with over- prominent teeth were later found in a cave in Belgium in 1886. And then Boule found an entire skeleton in a French cave, and this may be the arthritic and deformed skeleton to which you refer. But it had the same heavy brow ridges, the protruding mouth with large teeth and receding chin, and the receding forehead. Were these the only Neanderthal remains found after 1908, Ron? Can you quote the others? RS> 6) Nebraska Man- hoax from day one- extinct pig tooth In Nebraska? Well, what do you expect? North America has only recently been visited by humans. RS> ahhh....did I leave one out ? Peking man, Homo habilis, Australopithecus africanus, Australopithecus robustus..... and the overwhelmingly huge body of evidence of fossils and geology that you are determined to pretend does not exist. RS> IHS! Ignorance in High Schools! regards, Peter


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