Arthur T. Manning May1793 07:34PM Creationist statement of faith In the interest of provid

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Arthur T. Manning May-17-93 07:34PM Creationist statement of faith Organization: 3M Company, 3M Center, Minnesota, USA From: (Arthur T. Manning) Message-ID: Newsgroups: In the interest of providing subjects pertinent to the t.o debate, I have in the past provided my own version of a statement of faith. I will not bore you with my own at this time, but provide one from a local fairly conservative group. They publish 9 newsletters per year available for $25.00. Statement of faith - Bible Science Association "The Bible-Science Association stands within the mainstream of historic Biblical Christianity in affirming that God has spoken in Scripture and acted in creation, human history and in believeing that the autographs of this God-breathed written propositional revelation, the 66 canonical books of the Bible, in their entirety, are indeed objectively inspired, infallible and inerrant in all their parts and in all matters of which they speak, historical, legal, scientific, et al., and that these autographs can be ascertained from available manuscripts with sufficient accuracy to preclude the assertion of Biblical inerrancy from being invalid or irrelevant, and ... "Belief in Special Creation; Literal Bible Interpretation; Divine Design and purpose in Nature; a Young Earth; a Universal Noachain Flood; Christ as God and Man-Our Savior; Christ-Centered Scientific Research." Bible-Science Association, Inc. P.O. Box 33220 Minneapolis, MN 55433-0220 Telephone (612) 755-8606 -- Arthur T. Manning O 3M Center 518-1 St Paul MN 55144-1000 \___/______ o ph. 612 733-4401 fax 612 736-3122 __ / _ _ _ \ . Allin1--> (_/_/_/ / / /_/ <><


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