Authors: Chris Stassen (stassen@netcom.uucp), jwm@sun4.uucp (James W. Meritt), Anneliese L

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====================================================================== Authors: Chris Stassen (stassen@netcom.uucp), jwm@sun4.uucp (James W. Meritt), Anneliese Lilje (, L. Drew Davis ( Title: A List of Observed Speciation Events ====================================================================== By Chris Stassen: Here is a short list of referenced speciation events. I picked four relatively well-known examples, from about a dozen that I had documented in materials that I have around my home. These are all common knowledge, and by no means do they encompass all or most of the available examples. Example one: A strain of _drosophilia paulistorum_ developed hybrid sterility after being isolated in the lab for only a couple of years. (Test for speciation: offspring are not fertile, like horse vs. donkey.) Dobzhansky, Th., and O. Pavlovsky, 1971. "An experimentally created incipient species of Drosophilia", _Nature_ 23:289-292. Example two: Evidence that a species of fireweed formed by doubling of the chromosome count, from the original stock. (Note that polyploids are generally considered to be a separate "race" of the same species as the original stock, but they do meet the criteria which you suggested.) (Test for speciation: cannot produce offspring with the original stock.) Mosquin, T., 1967. "Evidence for autopolyploidy in _Epilobium angustifolium_ (Onaagraceae)", _Evolution_ 21:713-719 Example three: Rapid speciation of the Faeroe Island house mouse, which occurred in less than 250 years after man brought the creature to the island. (Test for speciation in this case is based on morphology. It is unlikely that forced breeding experiments have been performed with the parent stock.) Stanley, S., 1979. _Macroevolution: Pattern and Process_, San Francisco, W.H. Freeman and Company. p. 41 Example four: Formation of five new species of cichlid fishes which formed since they were isolated less than 4000 years ago from the parent stock, Lake Nagubago. (Test for speciation in this case is by morphology and lack of natural interbreeding. These fish have complex mating rituals and different coloration. While it might be possible that different species are inter-fertile, they cannot be convinced to mate.) Mayr, E., 1970. _Populations, Species, and Evolution_, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press. p. 348


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