To: Fredric Rhyce Msg #207, 17Sep93 11:11am Subject: Re: Listing Ron Stringfellow's faults

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From: Hector Plasmic Kill To: Fredric Rhyce Msg #207, 17-Sep-93 11:11am Subject: Re: Listing Ron Stringfellow's faults FR> 3) This from a guy who claimed that the Loma Linda University FR>was in no way affiliated with the Ass Of God That's 7th Day Adventists, not ass o' god. BTW, I found some of that GRI crap while cleaning a couple of days ago. Here's an example of their "technique." Article "Progressive Creation and Biblical Revelation: Some Theological Implications" (Origins v18 #2 1991) claims that progressive creation (god made the world and life slowly, in accordance with the evidence in the fossil record, emulating abiogenesis and evolution) can't be true because it conflicts with the literal meaning of the bible. (It can't be true because we've already shot the arrow in the wall over _here_.) This is, of course, the same reason (and the sole real reason) they claim that abiogenesis and evolution can't be true. Aquinas, anyone? Non-science, anyone? Here's another goodie: "Seventh-day Adventists customarily place the disappearance of the dinosaurs in the Genesis flood. Part of the basis for this position are statements appearing in _Spiritual Gifts_, vol. 3, p. 92, and vol. 4, p.121. The latter quotation is as follows: 'There was a class of very large animals which perished at the flood. God knew that the strength of man would decerase and these mammoth animals could not be controlled by feeble man.'" (Geoscience Reports, Spring 1991, #13, wherein the "scientists" of GRI purchase their already "harvested" fossils from local farmers (pg. 5)). Note the idiocies promoted in that paragraph: a literal global flood, dinosaurs coexisting with man, the "devolution"[sic] of man from the Cretaceous, supposed-scientists quoting religious material as scientific evidence (and no other evidence in sight). These are the folks Ronnie thinks know their science. ROFL! At least they, unlike Ronnie, have enough sense not to show their heads in HOLYSMOKE to be debunked.


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