To: John Brawley 931031 21:21:00 Subject: Microspheres JB Would someone please be so kind

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From: John Thompson To: John Brawley 93-10-31 21:21:00 Subject: Microspheres JB> Would someone please be so kind as to post a findable JB> reference to Fox's work(s) --and especially any works JB> containing reproductions of these photomicrographs? Probably the most "findable" one is the article he wrote for Ashley Montagu's "Science and Creationism." It includes photos and even a nice calculation of probablities to answer the creationist's claims that abiogensis is simply improbable. Otherwise, here's a short list of some of his books I captured from the local university library: AUTHOR: Fox, Sidney W. TITLE: The emergence of life : Darwinian evolution from the inside PUBLISHER: Basic Books, c1988. SUBJECTS: Life--Origin. Evolution. AUTHOR: Fox, Sidney W. TITLE: Introduction to protein chemistry PUBLISHER: Wiley [1957] SUBJECTS: Proteins. AUTHOR: Fox, Sidney W. TITLE: Molecular evolution and the origin of life PUBLISHER: W. H. Freeman [1972] SUBJECTS: Life--Origin. Molecular evolution. AUTHOR: Fox, Sidney W. TITLE: The origins of prebiological systems and of their molecular matrices; proceedings of a conference conducted at Wakulla Springs, PUBLISHER: Academic Press, 1965. SUBJECTS: Molecular evolution--Congresses. Of these, "The emergence of life" is probably the most accessible and includes a number of photomicrographs. * KingQWK 1.05 # 39 * Evolution: the unifying principle of Biology!


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