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From: LARRY SITES Posted: 24 Sep 94 10:28 To : LANE LESTER Subj: POSITIVE EVIDENCE LANE LESTER to ROB FARGHER on 09-18-94 21:32 re: POSITIVE EVIDENCE LL>Rather than "evidence" I prefer to think in terms of "observations" LL>and how well or poorly they are handled by the respective models. LL>Examples: LL>1A. The sorting of different types of organisms into different LL>geological systems fits neatly with the evolution model[sic], whereas the LL>proponents of the creation model have to come up with explanations such LL>as the sorting effects of turbulent sediments and biogeographical LL>considerations. Henry Morris wrote: "About three-fourths, perhaps more, of the land area of the earth, 55 million square miles, has sedimentary rock as the bedrock at the surface or directly under the cover of mantle-rock. . . . The thick- ness of the stratified rocks ranges from a few feet to 40,000 feet or more at any one place. . . .The vast bulk of the stratified rock is composed of shallow-water deposits." "This is exactly to be expected if the waters of a universal Flood ever covered the earth." page 270 of " The Genesis Flood." Where are Morris' details? How does he explain 40,000 feet of SHALLOW water deposits in a years time? Where are his topigraphical maps showing the source and movement of ANY major deposit in a single years time? Why is it that in comparison to his mere SPECULATION, we have tons of surveys, studies, and analsis of major geological formations that explain CLEARLY and IN DETAIL how their formation occured over, and only over, vast time frames? Morris' religiously motivated speculations remind me of ancient maps drawn in total from the mind of the writer, filled with notations of "there be dragons". Where's the map with details of how sediment was moved from place to place that I can use to go look at the land and confirm with my own eyes that his speculation makes sense? Where's the map? All else is puffery of the "there be dragons" variety. Dragons, baugh, let's go look. Peace, Larry


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