To: All Msg #123, Feb1793 08:47PM Subject: Re: Thermodynamics and Evolution For what it's

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From: Mark Isaak To: All Msg #123, Feb-17-93 08:47PM Subject: Re: Thermodynamics and Evolution Organization: The Aurora Group From: (Mark Isaak) Message-ID: <> Reply-To: (Mark Isaak) Newsgroups: For what it's worth, Morris reportedly claims that the 1st law of thermodynamics was created on the seventh day (apparently, little details like that wouldn't interrupt one's rest), and the 2nd law was created 50 or 100 years later when Adam sinned. This implies that the folk at the ICR are well aware that Creationism violates the laws of thermodynamics, and they don't care. [Source: Barry Price's article in _Creation/Evolution_ (Winter 1992), 12(2):45] --


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