Scott, Eugenie C. +quot;Creationism lives+quot; Nature 329: 282, 24 September l987. Sir Th

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Scott, Eugenie C. "Creationism lives" Nature 329: 282, 24 September l987. Sir-- The National Center for Science Education is pleased with the Supreme Court creationism decision (see Nature 327, 645; l987). Now teachers in the state of Louisiana will not be forced to present biblical literalism as science. Reports of the death of "scientific creationism", however, are premature. The Supreme Court decision says only that the Louisiana law violates the constitutional separation of church and state; it does not say that no one can teach scientific creationism--and unfortunately many individual teachers do. Some school districts even require 'equal time' for creation and evolution. A number of organizations exist to encourage teachers to introduce 'scientific' creationism, and they are not deterred by the failure of the Louisiana legislation. The strength of the creationist movement has always been at the grassroots level, and this is where it will continue to thrive. Those supporting science education also need to focus their efforts at the grassroots level, by becoming involved in textbook selection, supporting improved teacher training and being aware of what actually is taught in the classroom. National Center for Science Education, Inc. Box 9477 1218 Milvia Street Berkeley, California 94709


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