Lawrence C Smith Apr2793 04:48AM Is +quot;Sanity+quot; A Survival Characteristic? I've bee

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Lawrence C Smith Apr-27-93 04:48AM Is "Sanity" A Survival Characteristic? Organization: Cabletron Systems, Inc. From: (Lawrence C Smith) Message-ID: <> Reply-To: Newsgroups: I've been lurking on this newsgroup for a long time - popping in now and then to catch up on the fundie-vs-real-people debate and noting the ebb and flow of the Eternal Argument. I have an observation, and a question or two for consideration. Real people, please. No fundies. Hasn't it begun to become clear that no amount of argument or evidence will sway these people? Hasn't it become clear that some people simply deactivate certain portions of their minds when considering questions like these? Do you know of _any_ fundie who finally broke down and _admitted_ that evolution was a fact, and that their religion was pure bunkum? Why is this? Why does such a large percentage of the population of this planet seem to lack certain cognitive abilities? Is this a difficiency of reason, mere acculteration, or is it symptomatic of a deeper problem? Doesn't it _sound_ crazy, this Biblical raving? What if it really _is_? "Sanity" is a concept that is, rather implicitly, I think, defined in terms of the _majority_. The majority _must_ be sane, the atypical must therefore be insane. This man eats bugs. This is a very atypical things to do, in fact, most people find the idea disgusting, therefore he must be insane. But is this a reasonable definition? Doesn't it seem more reasonable that sanity must refer to an ability to observe, integrate, and reason, detecting incorrect data and altering conclusions appropriately? Isn't it "sane" to be - reasonable? Are we a species in transition? Do we actually have a relatively small core of reasoning, sane, "intelligent" human beings, heavily outnumbered by genetically-compatible humanoid forms whose intelligence cannot be brought consistantly to bear in a reasoning and logical manner?


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