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From: David Rice Kill To: Kelsey Bjarnason Msg #455, 03-Sep-93 05:32pm Subject: Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts! >DR> facts that God has given. Creationism must be abandoned by >DR> Christians before harm is done...." >DR> [Concluded.} KB> A truly amazing set of posts. You are to be congratulated KB> on thorough research, supported claims, solid evidence, and KB> good writing. Shucks thank you. It took about four hours. :-) The only thing I didn't have references for at home is turbidity currents. Ron was trying to quote Dr. Walter Brown, director of the "Center for 'Scientific' Creation." Dr. Brown, *A CREATIONIST* says the exact opposite of what Ron claims: in other words, Ron got his story mixed up. (Ron was just acting the docile, following sheep he is.) Dr. Brown claims that turbidity currents were *NOT* responsible for the breaking of transatlantic communication cables off the Grand Banks in 1929, because, he claims, said current would have to be over 100 miles-per-hour, based upon the sequence and timing of the cables breakage. Turbidity current speed is roughly 25-34 mph (Press & Siever, _Earth_, 1974, pg. 429). Since this isn't the speed *HE* claims is required, he says tsunamis were responsible. However, no where in any literature have I found support for his 100MPH claim, and he doesn't offer any!!! (Typical Creationist.) Turbidity currents travel about 30 MPH under water, carrying silt and rocks off of the continental shelf. These currents gouge deep and rather narrow channels, but it takes tens of thousands of years for them to do so (see book ref above). Submersibles have found and filmed turbidity currents--- the errosion rate is much faster than river rates, as more solid material is being carried. Eventually the canyons created by turbidity currents are lifted above the surface due to plate tetonics, where they are subjected to other forms of erosion, lava flow, and volcanic ash layering. So along comes Ron :-) and he mentions in this forum the Green River Formation (his "100,000 square mile formation") that he claims was laid down by "Noah's Flood." There are thin dark layers alternated with thin light layers. (Light=winter layer, dark=summer layer.) Whitcomb and Morris claim that this formation was created with turbidity currents during a year-long "Noah's Flood." Is this possible? NO! There are *TWENTY MILLION* black/light bands, representing *FORTY MILLION* layers! Ron Stringfellow would have us believe that there was a sequence of fourty million turbidity currents laying down a fine layer of silt across tens of thousands of square miles *EVERY TWO / THIRDS of a second! Biologist Kenneth Miller of Brown University mentioned this fact to Henry Morris, and has yet to receive an answer. My References for the above claims I have made (Ron, why can't you produce any of *YOUR* references?!?!?!?): --Robert Schadewald, "Six 'Flood' Arguments Creationists Can't Answer," _Creation Evolution_, Issue IX, pp. 12-17 (1982). Eleven years and we're still waiting for an answer on this. To reiterate, Creationists claim that turbidity currents WERE NOT responsible for the transatlantic communications cables breakage, contrary to Ron's claims that they were. So to address Ron's turbidity claim, he will have to explain just how the Green River Formation was created by his "Noah's Flood." As it is, the GRF falsifies Ron's claim; it is not "evidence" for "Noah's flood." KB> Unfortunately, we should all expect the inevitable "IS NOT" KB> about now. Actually, he will say "I never saw rice's [small 'R'] post." I will then mail it to him again, and he will again say he never got it. So I'll mail it again, and he'll say he never got it. So I'll mail it again, and he'll say he never got it. . . . --- Maximus 2.01wb * Origin: Universal Electronics Inc 714 939-1041 (1:103/208) SEEN-BY: 13/13 133/2 151/1000 1003 152/20 363/320 369/35 374/1 12 SEEN-BY: 374/14 98 3638/13 3641/1


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