Ron Stringfellow Worst Ignorant Fool! Was: +quot;Worse Nightmare!+quot; with: Martin Goldb

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Ron Stringfellow Worst Ignorant Fool! Was: "Worse Nightmare!" with: Martin Goldberg >MG> No book is ever completely true. I will tell you this... >MG> schoolbooks written by real scholars (not just science >MG> scholars) will be updated a lot sooner than the crap published >MG> [by Creationist] RS> Then why teach it? The problem with your science texts is that RS> what you believe today, you'll change tomorrow, it's no wonder RS> that few put stock in what you say. Goddess, how pathetic. It's what science *IS* Ron. It is how science is *SUPPOSED* to operate. If it wasn't, you'd still believe Earth is the center of the solar system (I assume you are aware that it isn't). If the scientific method didn't REQUIRE self-correctioon and self- testing the way it does, you would not be using computers today, because the atomists theory didn't have room for electrons. If science didn't correct its errors, it would be as self-contradictory and error-riddled as the bible. Really, Ron, you should not believe what your cult's masters tell you to believe, and get at least a high school education--- you owe it to yourself and your family. RS> The Bible has stayed basic for thousand of years. Only up to the time of the printing press. Haven't you been paying attention? The bible's inability to correct its faults is why it makes no sense and is self-contradictory. RS> You and your type have not been able to do away with it nor RS> dis-prove it. Who the hell wants to? It keeps you ignorant fools grubbing in the dirt and slime of ignorance, out of the way of your masters. It is no coincedence that religion keeps the poor from eatting the rich. The bible dis-proves itself quite nicely, thank you. How many horses did Saul give David? 1700 or 7000? RS> We can't say that for science can we? Damn right! That's the beauty of the scientific method: it is self- correcting. If it wasn't you'd still believe angels were pushing the planets along in their orbits. (I assume you are aware that they don't.) You are either utterly ignorant about what science is, or wilfully decieving yourself. Most scientific ideas have stood the test of time--- some for over two thousand years! Most of our contemorary scientific theories are many hundreds of years old--- only a few actually REPLACE the old; the vast majority of changes are additions to theories that have already been demonstrated valid. New discoveries in science tend to ENGULF past theories, to re-synthesize and polish existing theories. Very few modern theories have overthrown previous theories because the previous theories are almost universally observed to be correct. Archimedes demonstrated his theories were correct. Along comes Galileo: not to replace the older theories, but to improve them and add many new ones of his own. Then Newton comes along and does the same. Then Maxwell. Then Einstein. Then Bohr. Then Pauli. . . the theories of Archimedes ARE STILL CORRECT, even though 2080 years have passed. The last MAJOR revolution was around 1890, when it was discovered that the atom isn't indivisible. RS> What a waste of life......... how much more productive to RS> concentrate their efforts on the here and now like so many do RS> and leave the past and the future to God-like[sic] so many RS> have done. And we will continue to improve the lives of you and all the other self-blinded fools of your masters, despite their ignorance, through the scientific method. You may turn your back on science, but it STILL FEEDS YOU. It warms you and cools you and clothes you and heals you. It carries your burdens and extends your (albeit miserable) life. It distributes food and pharmacologicals and entertainment and knowledge and understanding directly to your door. It delivers fresh drinking water effortlessly to your house. Sitting on ones' ass and praying until ones' dick falls off HAS NEVER accomplished even a tiny fraction of what science has. In fact, it has actively hindered the quality of life for four thousand years. You whine and complain about science, but you demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of what science is. How special. Why don't you WALK YOUR SILLY TALK: put up or shut up??? Since you object to the scientific method, give up all that science has given to you. Dig your own water well by hand; plant your own food; live in a cave; die of disease. But do it quiety--- the rest of us are on our way to the stars.


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