Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #9 Problems with a global flood #2: How d

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Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #9 Problems with a global flood #2: How did marsupials get back to Australia? And why are so many marsupials limited to Australia; why are there no wallabies in Indonesia? The same argument applies to any number of groups of animals. How do you explain the genetic variation in all populations today? What was used to waterproof the ark? We are told that God instructed Noah to coat the ark with pitch inside and out with the naturally- occurring hydrocarbon pitch, which causes a bit of a problem since, according to Whitcomb and Morris, all oil, tar and coal deposits were formed when organic matter was buried DURING the flood. Davis Young is a working geologist who also is an Evangelical Christian. He has personal doubts about some aspects of evolutionary theory, but he makes a devastating case against "Flood Geology." He writes (_Christianity and the Age of the Earth_, p. 163): "The maintenance of modern creationism and Flood geology not only is useless apologetically with unbelieving scientists, it is harmful. Although many who have no scientific training have been swayed by creationist arguments, the unbelieving scientist will reason that a Christianity that believes in such nonsense must be a religion not worthy of his interest...Modern creationism in this sense is apologetically and evangelistically ineffective. It could even be a hindrance to the gospel. "Another possible danger is that in presenting the gospel to the lost and in defending God's truth we ourselves will seem to be false. It is time for Christian people to recognize that the defense of this modern, young-Earth, Flood-geology creationism is simply not truthful. It is simply not in accord with the facts that God has given. Creationism must be abandoned by Christians before harm is done...."


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