Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #7 RS I must confess this has taken much

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Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #7 RS> I must confess this has taken much more of my time then I cared RS> to spend on a "Hobby" as you suggest. However it is not my HOBBY RS> but my life and that of my family... we have been blessed as a RS> result. I take this time and effort that other such skeptics shall RS> come to their logical conclusion that this Biblically stated RS> catastrophy did occur. So when do you get around to supporting your claim of a global flood with some evidence? RS> I would also like to Thank DR. Roth from the LOMA LINDA GEOSCIENCE RS> RESEARCH INSTITUTION [....] Which doesn't exist. RS> [...] for the information and the Sedimentalogoist Dr. Arjen Van RS> Der Wolf and Dr. Tom Zoutwelle for their input as well. I encourage RS> any and all of you to write to the Inst. for futher information RS> on this subject. Tell'um I sent You :) IHS! Ron Not once in this entire religious tract was there a reference to a peer-reviewed journal, geological study, paleontologist report, radiometric dating survey. . . in every case we get out-right lies, bold assertions, and unsupported claims. How can Ron, with a clear conscious, call this "evidence?" My references (where's yours, Ron?): "Scientifically, the major challenge facing Flood geologists is the regularity of the fossil record. If the flood and its aftermath were responsible for the deposition of the fossil record, would not plants and animals be all jumbled together? Sometimes fossils are jumbled together .... Still, the majority of fossils are associated consistently with identifiable systems such as the Cambrian, Ordovician, etc." [G. Parker, _The Fossil Record in Christian Perspective_, p. 77 in Wonderly, _Neglect of Geologic Data_, p. 59] _A Trip Through Time_, Cooper, Miller, and Patterson; Columbus, Merrill Publishing Company, 1990 (second edition). Chapter 6 (pp. 154-186) _Great Geological Controversies_, A. Hallam; New York, Oxford University Press, 1989 (second edition). Chapters 1-3 (pp. 1-86) _Principles of Isotope Geology_, Gunter Faure; New York, John Wiley and Sons, 1986 (second edition). A technical handbook/textbook. _USGS Open-File Report #86-110_, G. Brent Dalrymple; United States Geological Survey, 1986. A response to creationist criticisms on radiometric dating. _Geologic Time_, D. L. Eicher; New Jersey, Prentice-Hall, 1976. Details several dating methods (including "coral clocks"). _Neglect of Geologic Data: Sedimentary Strata Compared with Young- Earth Creationist Writings_, Daniel E. Wonderly; Pensyllvania, IBRI, 1987. An old-earth creationist blasts young-earth creationists' comments on the geologic column. Available for $8.45 (postage and handling included) from IBRI / P.O. Box 423 / Hatfield, PA 19440. Should be required reading for any young-earth creationist. igneous: formed by solidification of molten magma. Survey organic constituents by a pyrolysis-flame ionization detector and a sensitive mass spectrometer. _The Supercontinent Cycle_ Nance, Worsley, & Moody, Scientific American, July 1988 _Alfred Wegener and the Hypothesis of Continental Drift_ A. Hallam, Scientific American Feb 1975 Cloud, Preston E., Jr., "Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Evolution on the Primitive Earth", Science 160, (17 May 1968), pp 729 - 736 _The Steady State of the Earth's crust, atmosphere and oceans_ Siever, Scientific American, May 1974 _Stratigraphic Aspect of Paleomagnetic Studies of Bottom Sediments in Seas and Oceans_ Tretyak, A. N. ; Vigilyanskaya, L. I. ; Dudkin, V. P. _Palaeomagnetism of Deep-Sea Sediments_ International Dictionary of Geophysics, v2 p1134-1141 1967 Harrison, C. G. A. _Timescale_ N. Calder; New York: Viking, 1983. pp. 28-29, 224, 271-273 _Science and Earth History_ A. N. Strahler; New York: Prometheus, 1987. pp. 155-158 _Radiometric Dating, Geologic Time, And The Age Of The Earth: A Reply To "Scientific" Creationism_ Dalrymple, G. B.; USGS Open-File Report 86-110, 1986. pp. 39-41 _Science_ 133:729-735, March 17, 1961 Farrand, Wm. R.


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