Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #6 RS EVIDENCE [sic] #3 RS [cuts] They di

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Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #6 RS> EVIDENCE [sic] #3 RS> [cuts] They discovered what we call TURBIDITY CURRENTS- an underwater avalanche. These usually occur at the mouth of a river where RS> silt and deposits build up but not always.. Suddenly due to the RS> weight burden they break loose and rush through the water very RS> much like a land avalanche would. The mass because it is heavier RS> moves as a single unit quickly covering great areas of ground/ RS> ocean. It is possible to reach speeds of 65mph. These are called RS> Turbiditers... it covered 40,000 sq. miles and 2 feet thick in 13 RS> hours. Strangely we find turbidites in the Grand Canyon. Not at all strange considering much of North America was under the ocean once. However, there are no references or documentation here that proves these Turbidity deposits are actually there; we have Ron's word on it. HE CALLS THIS "EVIDENCE?!" Good grief. Let him actually demonstrate this claim; then and only then can we say that there is evidence of terbidity---- WHICH DOES NOT IN ANY WAY PROVE A GLOBAL FLOOD! It only demonstrates what scientists have known for two hundred years: North America was once under the ocean. RS> We know they are turbidites because turbidites all have common RS> characteristics....certain common features. Arjen Van Der Wolf RS> Sedimentaologist from the Netherlands reports that we find that RS> as many as 30% of all sediments on land were deposited by RS> turbidites. What's this have to do with anything? Geologist use RS> to think it had taken hundreds even thousands of years to make RS> these formations. Tens of thousands of layers that we once thought RS> took a long period of time to deposit we are now finding could RS> have been rapidly formed. We now know it could have happened in RS> Days[sic]. So, many on land that we once assumed took thousand RS> of years to form, we now know could have happened quickly. Tom RS> Zoutwelle Sedimentologist reports turbidity covering the RS> Netherlands uniformly thick... we have also found them in RS> Blounay, Switerzland, Le Sepey, Switerzland, Castle Point, New RS> Zealand. We have massive sedimentation throughout the world that RS> were deposited quickly and underwater...just the kind of thing RS> we'd expect to find from a world-wide flood. Not what any scientist would expect from a global flood. Funny how the above do not have references to peer-reviewed journals. What the above constitutes is unsupported claims, not evidence. I wonder why Ron is confused about this distinction. He is again telling us to take his word on it. What he fails to point out here is radiometric and fossil finds prove that these layers WERE NOT deposited world-wide AT THE SAME TIME, and no scientist would ever say so; I highly suspect the people mentioned above would point out this FACT if they were here to defend their out-of-context opinions from the likes of Creationists, and would very likely be furious at their names being mentioned by Creationists. Radiometric dating and fossil finds falsifies the claim that layers deposited around the globe were deposited at the same time.


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