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Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #5 RS> EVIDENCE [sic] #2 RS> RS> Widespread deposits.... 70 miles east lie the Shinarump RS> conglomerate. A belt 90 feet thick, covering 100,000 sq miles RS> in New Mexico... they are similar to deposits caused by water RS> formations. they are not lake deposits which are made of fine RS> silt, clay and are very even deposits. The sediments are coarser RS> like that a river would form however it stretches the mind RS> to think of a 100,000 sq. mile river that would deposit layers RS> so thin. Both the Shinarump formation and the Chinle formation RS> above it have petrified wood mixed in with course rocky RS> sediment... different areas all washed in together? This is also RS> common in Steinkar Lake (where the strata ought to be silt) Utah, RS> Red Canyon Wyoming, and the Dakota Formation in S. Dakota. We RS> also see this very same pattern and once more dinosaur fossils RS> covered by marine fossils (oceanic strata) in the Morrison RS> Formation an area covering 400,000 sq. miles from Texas to RS> Canada. Different deposits located in different areas totally RS> unfamiliar to their respective areas. Hmmmmm???? or theories. RS> Let's say for example I [Incomplete transmission of data. Maybe it was Satan?] It seems Creationists never heard of volcanism and glaciers! Why don't they understand just how long it takes to petrify wood and the requirements of the environment to do so? What exactly this "evidence" is not at all clear. How about if the cult that make this claim were to restate it better; as it is, it makes no claim of "Noah's Flood" being the mechanism behind whatever it is claiming. The above Creationist Religion quote says "ought to be silt." WHY?! Observed plate tectonics, volcanisms, and evidence of glaciers falsifies this "evidence."


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