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Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #4 RS> EVIDENCE [sic] #1 RS> RS> Marine deposits..... There is a children's game which we have all RS> played where we look at pictures and determine what doesn't fit. RS> Science does the same thing... even with poor fits. We have found RS> marine shells (ocean strata) buried in the Carmel formation RS> sediment that encompasses a 200,000 sq. mile area. In fact, they RS> have found more Ocean Strata on the land then there is land strata RS> and once more this formation is 800 miles from the ocean. RS> RS> Dr. Don Zorn Sedimentologist from Austria reports the same type of RS> strata in similar situations in the Eastern Alps of Austria. There RS> are many more formations with equal results but space limits RS> examples. No kidding. Guess how long it takes to produce marine limestone! It is made up of the "hard parts" of microorganisms binding lime and calcium carbonate (and sometimes magnesium, i.e. dolomite) over thousands of years, under pressure. The Mediterranean basin was last flooded at the end of the last inter-glacial ice age (11,000 years ago). Marine limestone has still not formed, as the bottom silt from erosion is preventing formation. In oceans dead organisms take many years to filter from the surface of the ocean to the flood after they die; they stay suspended in the warm layers of the ocean until the layers cycle to cooler latitudes, when they then fall to lower layers. It takes many layers and many cycles for microbe marine deposits to reach the ocean floor. Marine limestone formation on top of mountain ranges falsifies "Noah's Flood."


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