Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #3 RS What we know of the earth and it's

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Ron Stringfellow Flood Evidence [sic] True Facts #3 RS> What we know of the earth and it's history has been learned by RS> water, more accurately rain that has carried 30,000 tons of RS> sediment a year to various areas of the earth. Washed into those RS> sedimentary layers are other things beside soil. Things like dead RS> animals, leaves, fish, snails, and shells, etc. Which in turn are washed into flood basins or the oceans, to eventually be lifted into hills and mountains in geologic time, to again be weathered and eroded, to be washed into the flood basins and oceans. . . . The K-2 range has marine limestone on it; proof that it was once covered with an ocean for tens of thousands of years (microorganisms filtering to the sea floor to be compressed cannot be explained by a year-long flood. Or even a fifty-year-long flood). RS> The strata is our key to the past and ALL SCIENTIST have readily RS> agreed to this. This is false. There are several better "keys." Radiometric offers the best method so far. DNA/RNA sequencing/mapping so relative time periods. The Fossil Record is rich in information. RS> There are only a few places we are accurately able to examine this RS> strata. This is false. The entire Earth yields accurate samples. There have been core samples taken from all continents and oceans, seas, coral beds, and ice caps. None show evidence of a global flood. Ice cores contain the history of Earth's atmosphere in them; oxygen for the global flood's water must come from living organisms and thus the atmosphere: there is no evidence of a drastic (three hydrosphere's) drop in oxygen in Earth's history. Lake bed varves in the east North American continent produce a twenty million-year-long record of rainfall. These layers correlate exactly to astronomical cycles. A thick layer of mud and debris is, of course, utterly missing. Since Creationists claim sedimentary layers are a result of "Noah's flood," how do they explain the *LACK* of sedimentary layers in the East region of North America, and the presence of sedimentary layers in West and Mid North America? (Hint: the West and Mid region was once under the ocean). RS> One of the best and largest places in the world to do this is in RS> the Grand Canyon- a mile deep in some places. Between this area RS> and the beginning of the conglomerate one hundred miles to the RS> north at Brianhead (which rises 1.5 miles above sea level) we RS> have one of our most complete geological stories of earth. There RS> are some 23,000 vertical feet of earth's history exposed between RS> these points. This too will encompass the Colorado plateau. In RS> this plateau we have our most credible, concrete evidence for RS> the flood. It is evidence for plate tectonics, erosion, flood plain deposits, oceanic deposits, and volcanic activity. There are over 1500 layers that "Noah's flood" cannot explain, but plate tectonics does. The Grand Canyon falsifies "Noah's Flood."


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