To: All Subject: TATABinding Protein (or TFIIDtau, if you like) We were privileged enough

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From: David Iain Greig To: All Subject: TATA-Binding Protein (or TFIID-tau, if you like) From: (David Iain Greig) Organization: NMR Core Facility, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Ediacara We were privileged enough to get Steven Burley to give a seminar here in Toronto last week, and he spoke on his work on the 3D structure of TATA Binding Protein(1). One interesting overhead he showed has of sequence homology in the 180 amino acid C-terminal domain of TBP. The homology of hTBP and other species TBP(2): Species % Amino Acid Identity (NOT homology!) Mouse 100% Drosophila 88% Arabidopsis thaliana 83% Maize 84% Potato 82% S. pombe (yeast) 80% S. cervisiae 81% (we're related to beer-making yeast!) Acanthamoeba castellani 84% Dictyostelium discoideum 75% Plasmodium falciparum 38% and "some archaebacteria" 40% (S.K. Burley, pers. comm.) Not bad to have a 40% sequence identity from archaebacteria to us, eh? Refs: ----- (1) Kim, J.L., Nikolov, D.B. and Burley, S.K. (1993) "Co-crystal structure of TBP recognizing the minor groove of a TATA element", Nature 365:520-527. (2) Hernandez, N. (1993) "TBP, a universal eukaryotic transcription factor?", Genes & Development, 7:1291-1308. Regards Dave


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