To: Gerard Trigo Msg #186, 930409 08:02:28 GT From your earlier post, I gather that you ha

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From: Marty Leipzig To: Gerard Trigo Msg #186, 93-04-09 08:02:28 GT> From your earlier post, I gather that you have access to a GT> Precambrian lagerstatten in Siberia. I am dying for more information. Well, since you asked: Riphean: Sporophytes: _Archaeosacculina atava_ _Archeosiscina atava_ _Bavlinella sp._ _Leiominuscula rugosa_ _L. corrugata_ _L. sparsa_ _L. novorugosa_ _Lopholigotriletum semiinvoltum_ _Margominuscula antigua_ _M. prisca_ _M. tennela_ _M. tremeta_ _Polyedrosphaeridium septiforme_ _Proroleiosphaeridium colliculosum_ _Protonucellosphaeridium cf. patelliforme_ _Symplassosphaeridium biglume_ _S. cf. aff. subcaolitum_ Problematica: _Asterosphaeroides stellatus_ _Radiosus elongatus _R. limpidus_ _R. striptus_ Vendian: Sporophytes: _Asperatopsophosphaerpa partalis_ _A. sparsa_ _A. yenesiensis_ _Brochopsophosphaera simplex_ _B. "duplex" Leipzig, 1993 (a 'nomem dubium', perhaps colonial _B. simplex_) _Spumosata partalis_ Problematica: _Jurusania judomica_ (stromatolith(?)) _Medularites lineolatus_ _Vermiculites concretus_ _V. lobatus_ _V. bilobatus_ _V. tortuosus_ To be followed by the typical Early Cambrian marine flora and fauna including: _Boxonina allachjunica_ _Collenia singularis_ _Jurusania judomica_ (large) _Linella sinica_ _Uricatella urica_ and assorted renalcids. Just for completeness, the Riphean spans the time period of 1.6 BYA to 800 MYA, the Vendian begins immediately thereafter and runs to basal Cambrian (570 MYA). References: Aseyeva, E. A., 1978, Some terminological problems in studying Late Precambrian spheromorphids [in Russian]: Geol. Zh., v. 38, p. 111-115. Barghoorn, E. S., Meinschein, W. G., and Schopf, J. W., 1965, Paleobiology of a Precambrian shale: Science, v. 148, no. 3669, p. 461-472. Bekker, Y. 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Y., 1980, {i Obruchevella} in the Riphean deposits of the Yenisei Ridge [in Russian]: Doklady Akad. Nauk. SSSR, v. 254, no. 4, p. 993-994. Yankauskas, T. V., 1982, Upper Precambrian and Cambrian plant microfossils of the European USSR and their stratigraphic significance [in Russian] [Ph.D. dissert.]: University of Moscow, Moscow, 52 p. Yankauskas, T. V., Mikhailova, N. S., and German, T. N., 1987, 5th All Union colloquium on microfossils of the USSR Precambrian [in Russian]: Izvestia Akadamie Nauk SSSR Series Geol., v. 9, p. 137-139. How's that? ... Become an Invertebrate Paleontologist. Ammonites day.` --- Blue Wave/Max v2.12 * Origin: HST/DS/v32bis 713-589-0308 (1:106/500)


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