You don't need to know any more about platypi than to have read the correct SciAm article,

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You don't need to know any more about platypi than to have read the correct SciAm article, and be able to detect contradictions in your opponent's logic. Here's the irony I promised: they begin by wanting to see "transitional" forms among living animals. Then, they bring on the platypus - lessee: it lays eggs like a reptile, has reptilian skeletal characteristics, reptilian uro-genital arrangements, BUT - it's warm-blooded, furry, suckles it's young (though not - if memory serves from the last time we discussed DBP - through fully-developed nipples). Doggone, that sounds like a transitional form to me. Ditto Archaeopteryx. It's utterly incomprehensible to me how anyone can turn logic so completely on it's head: can they really fail to see that they've just shot their own argument in the foot? Trying to follow Creationist logic is full of such I-feel-like-the-floor-just-dropped-out experiences. (Note: of course I'm not claimning that modern mammals descended from the platypus. The modern monotremes are presumably survivors of a transitional group some mega-years back.) > I'll steer clear of Australian biology too, but I will add that >Australia offers quite a bit of proof in favor of evolution. Australia has >been separated from the rest of the world since the Eocene. No land bridges, >etc... Since the Eocene still relatively early in the radiation and >specialization of mammals, it should be no surprise that the creatures >there are quite different from other areas of the world where there is >evidence for "Biologic mixing" between continents. Also good evidence against global flood. After being let off the Ark, why did those marsupials all head for Oz? And why did the placentals avoid it like the plague? (I know, it was the beer) Can't be anything much to do with the climate: placentals introduced by Europeans have done quite well, thank you; some have even become serious pests. And native Aussie plants (e.g. Eucalyptus) seem to do fine when transplanted elsewhere. Hmm... could it have anything to do with that plate spreading-centre running through the middle of Indonesia? Nahh, everyone knows that Continental Drift is a lie promulgated by the SatanoEvilutioCommunoIlluminatoMasonic Conspiracy. -- = Steve Watson a.k.a. === Carleton University, Ontario = this->opinion = My.opinion; assert (this->opinion != CarletonU.opinion); "Sic transit gloria Mulroni" - Carleton Classics professor A. Trevor Hodge, commenting on Canadian election results.


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