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Religion and Science, according to The Plain Truth The latest (July 1993) issue of _The Plain Truth_ (sent to you free for the rest of your life by request, The Plain Truth, Pasadena, CA 91123-0210) contains an article titled "Religion and Science: Bridging the Gap" by John Halford. The subheading is "Do we really have to choose between science and the Bible?" It includes numerous quotations from John Polkinghorne and a few from other scientists such as Stephen Hawking. It argues that the book of Genesis is not a scientific account of the origin of the universe and life, that the Bible is compatible with an old earth and evolution, that to call evolution "only a theory" is to "misunderstand the scientific method," and more. I continue to be impressed with the accuracy and fair-mindedness in _The Plain Truth_'s articles on science, theology, and biblical scholarship. Is this why many Christians characterize the Worldwide Church of God as a cult? Jim Lippard Lippard@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU Dept. of Philosophy Lippard@ARIZVMS.BITNET University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721 =================================================================== From: Dr Pepper > Worldwide Church of God as a cult? No. Various mainstream evangelicals have called WWCOG a "cult" because the of the ideas of founder Herbert W Armstrong being, as they judged it, "aberrant". Walter Martin decribed Armstrong as "part mormon, part witness, part adventist, and part british israelite". This characterization, while not quite correct, is a reasonable one. Armstrong taught that God is not merely a trinity, he is a family, and each believer is going to join it, that british israelism (that the anglo-saxons are the lost ten tribes) is true (but he used it to support manifest destiny rather than racism as some do), that old testament ordinances on diet and the sabbath are still valid, that Daniel and Revelations are about to happen with the Antichrist emerging as the dictator of united Europe, and that Hell is anihilation, not eternal suffering. He also used to fulminate against evolution with a mixture of scorn and ridicule that would have made Gish and company green with envy. He had a booklet called "For the Birds" which he boasted "makes a monkey out of evolution". He was very fond of the watchmaker analogy. But Armstrong died nearly a decade ago. He was in his mid 80's and had just remarried. In one of his last personal editorials he declared how wonderful he felt and offered the suggestion that all elderly widowed people should consider remarriage because regular sex was good for one's well being. Since his death, the same evangelicals who had fingered him as a "cultist" have reported that his successors have been revising the church's positions to join the mainstream. The evangelicals have rejoiced in this process. They aren't going to like the change on science though. +--------------------------+--------------------------------------+ | 10 2 | Garden Grove Institute of Technology | | DR PEPPER | Community Outreach Center | | 4 | | +--------------------------+ Snail Addr: Unit #1, 7872 Trask | | Real americans don't | Westminster, Ca 92683 | | pledge allegiance, they | Modem: 714-894-7039 | | make the government earn | Fidonet: 1:103/241 | | it. | Candynet: 42:1001/1 | | | Internet: Dr.Pepper@f241.n103.z1 | | | | +--------------------------+--------------------------------------+


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