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Msg #: 4829 of 5260 Area: ORIGINS Subboard From: Richard Sharpe Sent: 04-23-94 22:46 To: All Rcvd: -NO- Re: Piltdown Hoaxer Unmasked? Status: Public ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: sharpe@nmesis (Richard Sharpe) Newsgroups: Subject: Piltdown Hoaxer Unmasked? Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation Message-ID: <> Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 22:46:56 GMT In the Jan/Feb 1994 edition of _The Sciences_, published by the New York Academy of Sciences, is an article by Phillip V Tobias (Emeritus Professor of Anatomy and Human Bilogy and Paleoanthropology Research Unit at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg). In it he names Dawson and Keith as co-hoaxers, with Dawson as the man on the spot, and Keith as the man with access to bones, stone tools, and knowledge to stain the bones etc to look like they came from the road-side quarries. I will leave interrested readers to chase up the article and read it, but I note that immediately before it is a one page article (well two with the graphic) by S J Gould, who has also written on the Piltdown Hoax. I checked my S J Gould books, and could only find an essay in _The Panda's Thumb_, _Piltdown Revisited_, Page 92, where Gould thinks that on the best evidence, Dawson acted alone, but he does state that there are other lines of thought. It would be interesting to know which other of Gould's books contain articles on this question to see what else he has said on it. Regards -------- Richard Sharpe,, Ph: 61-8-235-7237


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