Creationists gets it wrong again Tip a glance. Not only does this Creationist get origins

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Creationists gets it wrong again Tip a glance... Not only does this Creationist get origins of species confused with the origins of life, he continues to try to exact revenge from the school which employs him for his having slapped-down for trying to spread his occultism in the public schools. This was forwarded off of the Internet: ================================================================ Copyright, 1994. The Associated Press. All rights reserved. The information contained in this news report may not be republished or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. By BOB EGELKO - Associated Press Writer SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A skeptical federal appeals court revived a lawsuit by a high school biology teacher who said he had to teach evolution as a fact rather than a theory, violating his religious beliefs. John Peloza may be able to prove that the school district "supported atheism" and showed hostility to religion by requiring the teaching of evolution as an undisputed fact, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Monday. That claim will be "very difficult to support factually" and requires proof that the district ignored its own policies, which describe evolution as a scientific theory, the court said. But it said Peloza should have a chance to gather evidence about the district's actions of the Capistrano Unified School District in Orange County. Peloza's lawyer, Cyrus Zal, said the ruling should mean that school officials cannot suppress alternate views of the origin of life. But David C. Larsen, the school district's lawyer, said the ruling was consistent with the policies of the district and the state to teach evolution as a scientific theory. To win the case, Larsen said, Peloza will have to show "not only that we ignore our own policy but that we require him to teach as a positive fact that there was no creator. I don't think the facts will bear that out." Peloza, a veteran biology teacher at Capistrano Valley High School, sued the district, board members and school administrators in 1991, after being reprimanded the previous fall for allegedly teaching religion in his classroom. He said in his lawsuit that he was not trying to promote biblical creation doctrine but objected to teaching what he called "evolutionism" as the only valid scientific theory. He now teaches health and physical education at the school. U.S. District Judge David Williams dismissed the lawsuit, saying Peloza could not show his rights were violated even if he proved all his factual allegations. Declaring the lawsuit to be frivolous, he ordered Peloza to pay the district $32,000 for its costs and legal fees. The appeals court overruled the $32,000 payment order, saying the lawsuit raised some important legal questions. The court said one of Peloza's claims, if proven, could show that the district violated the government's duty of religious neutrality.


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