To: All Dec0593 04:33AM Subject: Pretty Good Partitioning I've been very sick recently. I

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From: Dr Pepper To: All Dec-05-93 04:33AM Subject: Pretty Good Partitioning I've been very sick recently. I spent about 18 hours straight in bed, interrupted only to dash to the bathroom, all the while burning up with fever. While i was engaged in this pleasant pursuit, i thought i glimpsed the answer to a great creationist mystery. But i felt too weak and incoherent to post. Well the fever's gone, but now i can't remember all the details. So i now present what's left of my thoughts in the hope that they may be of value to someone. Pretty Good Partitioning is a system that uses advanced polynomial factoring to establish absolute limits of biological diversity. For familiar two-sexed animals, PGP assigns two large prime numbers, call them Alpha and Omega, to each organism. These numbers are not unique, they can be shared by unlimited numbers of individuals. They are expressed in DNA, their values used as keys to encode genetic information. A breeding population shares both numbers. Before gametes can fuse, they have to decode each other, which of course produces an extensive numeric series which would be prefectly intelligible if written in proto-chaldean by cuniform. Gametes that cannot decode each other cannot fuse, this limits cross breeding. Furthermore, fusion will be incomplete without reestablishing the encoding. The numeric sequence produced by superimposing the parents' sequences (xor has been suggested but is probably too simplistic) must be merged with A and then with O. But not every fusion can be encoded, the range is restricted. Numeric sequences that produce overflow during the encoding process will fail to be encoded and a viable zygote will not be produced. It appears possible to change O if necessary to fit, but A is absolutely unchangeble. The process of changing numbers within bounds is known as MICROEVOLUTION, and the domain space of permitted variation is called a KIND. More research is needed but preliminary results suggest that the number of degrees of freedom is related to A/O. For instance, for sharks, which everyone knows have never changed, A=O. On the other hand, lizards, which have come to include geckoes, iguanas, chameleons, komodo dragons, and horned toads since Noah let loose the original 2 (or 7 if you believe the essene revisionists), must have A at least 1000 times the size of O. For asexual creatures there is only one number, but it has not yet been determined if it is A or O. For creatures with multiple sexes or life stages investigations are still in the initial stages. There seem to be two cases of energy being invested in decoding foreign messages, namely viruses and antibodies. +--------------------------+--------------------------------------+ | 10 2 | Garden Grove Institute of Technology | | DR PEPPER | Community Outreach Center | | 4 | | +--------------------------+ Snail Addr: Unit #1, 7872 Trask | | Un-pa-tri-o-tic (adj): | Westminster, Ca 92683 | | protesting when the | Modem: 714-894-7039 | | government wants to kill | Fidonet: 1:103/241 | | people. | Candynet: 42:1001/1 | | | Internet: Dr.Pepper@f241.n103.z1 | | | | +--------------------------+--------------------------------------+


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