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From: Herb Huston To: All Oct-24-93 10:25AM Subject: Re: The Aquatic Ape - news Organization: Express Access Online Communications, Greenbelt, MD USA From: (Herb Huston) Message-ID: <2aehag$> Newsgroups:,sci.anthropology, In article <>, NICHOLLS PHILIP A wrote: }It is interesting that Morgan tee's off on Desmond Morris and describes }him as an "important scholar." Bachelor's degree with first class honors from Birmingham University in 1951, where his advisor was Peter Medawar. Doctorate in zoology in 1954 from Oxford, where his mentor was Niko Tinbergen. Dissertation on the reproductive behavior of the ten-spined stickleback. Contributed about 50 scientific papers before publication of _The Naked Ape_, e.g., "Homosexuality in the Ten-Spined Stickle- back," _Behaviour_ 4:233-61 (1952), "The Reproductive Behaviour of the Zebra Finch, with Special Reference to Pseudofemale Behaviour and Displacement Activities," _Behaviour_ 6:271-322 (1954), "The Causation of Pseudofemale and Pseudomale Behaviour," _Behaviour_ 8:46-57 (1955), "The Function and Causation of Courtship Ceremonies," _Fondation Singer Polignac Colloque Internat. Sur L'Instinct, June 1954_, 261-86 (1956), "The Feather Postures of Birds and the Problem of Social Signals," _Behaviour_ 9:75-113 (1956), "'Typical Intensity' and its Relation to the Problem of Ritualization," _Behaviour_ 11:1-12 (1957), "Occupational Therapy for Captive Animals," _Coll. Pap. Lab. Anim. Cent. 11:37- 42 (1962), "The Response of Animals to a Restricted Environment," _Symp. Zool. Soc. Lond. 13:99-118 (1964), "The Rigidification of Behaviour," _Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London_, B. 251:327-30 (1966). Curator of Mammals for the Zoological Society of London from 1959 to 1967. -- Herb Huston --


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