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From: David Bloomberg To: All 94-04-30 22:%:02 Subject: More Files Here's a list for everybody from my evolution/creation area. These can be FReq'ed at 2430/2112 or downloaded at 217-787-9101. (Also, I have other related files which are not listed here, such as newsletters of skeptics organizations which may, in many cases, have evolution/creation info in them -- FReq FILES or d/l SYRFILES.ZIP for a full list) Filename Size Date Description ------------ ----- --------- -------------------------------------------------- 25CREAT.ZIP 15K 4-04-94+ [ 2] Skeptics Society article: 25 Creationists' Arguments & 25 Evolutionists' Answers AFRICROD.ZIP 2K 1-31-94 [ 0] Did rodents and monkeys come to S. America from Africa or N. America? AGEEARTH.ZIP 28K 8-21-93 [ 2] Debate on the age of the Earth ALABACSC.ZIP 1K 10-18-93 [ 3] Alabama Academy of Science -- resolution on creationism ANIMLDEV.ZIP 6K 9-08-93 [ 1] Overview of animal development and phylogenetic perspective ARKHOAX.ZIP 27K 3-12-94 [ 3] Jim Lippard's in-depth article on the Sun Pictures/Noah's Ark Hoax which appears in SKEPTIC Magazine at the same time as Your Favorite Sysop's article (See also MYSTSUN.ZIP) ARKHOAX2.ZIP 5K 4-14-94+ [ 0] Lippard's update on the Sun Pictures/Noah's Ark Hoax (see ARKHOAX.ZIP) BALSGPR.ZIP 8K 4-05-94+ [ 0] Sun's (former) head "researcher" David Balsiger's press release attacking those who hoaxed Sun -- includes commentary by Jim Lippard, author of in-depth article on subject (See also ARKHOAX.ZIP, MYSTSUN.ZIP) BIOINTRO.ZIP 22K 8-28-93 [ 3] Intro to Evolutionary Biology BIOMRF.ZIP 36K 9-17-93 [ 2] Program based on Dawkins' "The Blind Watchmaker" BOMARCHE.ZIP 15K 6-12-93 [ 1] Article about whether archaeology has verified the Book of Mormon (Note: This file was apparently written and/or distributed by an "opposing" religion trying to over readers, but the information on contradictions may still be valid BOOKREVS.ZIP 3K 9-08-93 [ 1] Short reviews of pro-evolution, anti-evolution, and general science/evolution books C-DECAY.ZIP 8K 9-11-93 [ 2] What happened to Setterfield's C-decay (C=speed of light) creationist argument? (See SETERFLD.ZIP, SETRREB.ZIP) CMWDB.ZIP 14K 9-16-93 [ 1] The Chuck Maier Whopper Database (Maier is a creationist on one of the conferences) COALPRNT.TXT 46K 9-11-93 [ 1] UUencoded GIF and description for dino footprints in coal, along with other stuff that Creationists can't easily explain COMNANCS.ZIP 5K 8-27-93 [ 4] Evidence for common ancestry (and evolution) CORALCLK.ZIP 15K 9-11-93 [ 1] Using coral to help date the Earth CREALETS.ZIP 3K 10-14-93 [ 1] Your Favorite Sysop picks apart the arguments of two pro-creationism letters to the editor of the Chicago Tribune in these messages CREALET2.ZIP 2K 11-21-93 [ 2] Your Favorite Sysop picks apart the argument of another pro-creationism letter to the editor CREALET3.ZIP 3K 12-17-93 [ 0] Your Favorite Sysop picks apart a letter to the editor of the _Illinois Times_ CREANAG.ZIP 1K 4-20-94+ [ 0] Creationist-related anagrams (pretty funny) CREATCNF.ZIP 10K 8-29-93 [ 0] Summary of some talks at a young-Earth creationist conference CREATFAQ.ZIP 3K 6-23-93 [ 3] Creationism Frequently Asked Questions -- HUMOR! CREDENTL.ZIP 7K 10-29-93 [ 1] Creationist credentials CREMUSM.ZIP 4K 4-14-94+ [ 0] Article about creationist museum, how it ignores (and attacks) science CRSCREED.ZIP 3K 9-12-93 [ 0] Creed of the Creation Research Society showing that creationism is not science CRSOATH.ZIP 3K 6-26-93 [ 2] Oath that must be taken by members of the Creation Research Society & some history thereof CRTDSHON.ZIP 15K 8-21-93 [ 1] Several examples of dishonesty used by creationists, including "leaders" in the field D-EVOLV.ZIP 5K 11-14-92 [ 2] Two messages from David Rice discussing the facts of evolution DARROW.ZIP 3K 9-12-93 [ 1] "It is bigotry for public schools to teach only one theory of origins" -- Famous misquote of Clarence Darrow exposed DARWIN.ZIP 11K 9-16-93 [ 0] Several columns about Darwin DENTON.ZIP 7K 9-16-93 [ 0] Messages about the failings of Dr. Michael Denton in his cre/evol arguments DINOBIRD.ZIP 3K 1-21-94 [ 2] Cellular studies show evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds DISCLETR.ZIP 2K 10-17-93 [ 0] Letter to Discover mag. about evolution not necessarily aiming for "perfection" but rather for ability to survive EARTHAGE.ZIP 11K 8-28-93 [ 4] Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about the age of the earth, dating methods, creationist arguments, etc. ENCYEVOL.ZIP 2K 12-26-93 [ 0] Book review of _The Encyclopedia of Evolution: Humanity's Search for Its Origins_, by Richard Milner EVOLART.ZIP 3K 9-16-93 [ 0] FidoNews article about the EVOLUTION echo EVOLCREA.ZIP 2K 6-23-93 [ 2] Brief synopsis of evolution for Creationists, by Dr Pepper EVOLDEFN.ZIP 3K 8-21-93 [ 2] What is evolution? EVOLET1.ZIP 3K 12-17-93 [ 1] Letter to the Illinois Times supporting article explaining evolution = science, creation = religion, & explaining why some need to have the "truth" of religion instead of "uncertainty" of science EVOLFACT.ZIP 6K 8-23-93 [ 4] Evolution -- Part Fact, Part Theory; this explains what's what EVOLGAME.ZIP 4K 10-16-93 [ 1] Anti-Evolution and "Scientific Creationism" Games by Dr Pepper, for use in debating these topics (See also SC_GAME.ZIP) EVOLQUOT.ZIP 7K 11-07-93 [ 0] A collection of quotes from scientific, religious, & educational groups about evolution -- suitable for use in logon/logoff quotes EVOLRSRC.ZIP 37K 8-29-93 [ 2] Evidence for/Research on Evolution EVOLSONG.ZIP 1K 2-10-94 [ 0] "These Are a Few of Our Favorite Genes" -- humorous song dealing with genetics FABNAQ.ZIP 3K 8-27-93 [ 2] Frequently Asked But Never Answered Questions directed at Creationists FAQGOD.ZIP 5K 8-28-93 [ 1] Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Compatibility of Evolution and God/Religion FEATHERS.ZIP 4K 8-19-93 [ 1] Did feathers evolve, or were they "created"? FISHYEXP.ZIP 2K 9-16-93 [ 2] A very fishy creationist "experiment" FLOOD002.ARJ 8K 6-04-93 [ 3] "The Flood Myth" by D. Roberts GENCONTR.ZIP 4K 8-21-93 [ 1] Contradictions between the two Bible "Genesis" stories make Biblical creationism tough to believe GENDRIFT.ZIP 6K 9-16-93 [ 4] Discussion of genetic drift GISHDINO.ZIP 6K 12-27-93 [ 1] Review of _Dinosaurs By Design_, a creationist book about dinosaurs by Duane Gish GISHROSS.ZIP 17K 9-26-93 [ 3] Debate between ICR's young-earth creationist Duane Gish and old-earth creationist Hugh Ross HITCHING.ZIP 3K 9-26-93 [ 1] Research on Francis Hitching (frequently quoted by creationists) shows that he's not all he claims HOMSKULL.ZIP 2K 3-31-94+ [ 1] Hominid skull find gives Lucy a "face" HORSES.ZIP 18K 3-12-94 [ 1] Horse Evolution FAQ HOVINDRV.ZIP 3K 3-01-94 [ 0] Review of a presentation by creationist Kent Hovind HOWNOT.ZIP 19K 9-16-93 [ 3] How NOT to argue with creationists ICECORE.ZIP 7K 9-16-93 [ 0] FAQ on dating ice cores ICEHORSE.ZIP 2K 12-31-93 [ 1] Well preserved Ice-age horse found, helps scientists know what they looked like then ICRCAT.ZIP 15K 9-26-93 [ 0] Excerpts from Institute for Creation Research (ICR) Grad School catalog, including faculty and publication list ICRFAQ.ZIP 31K 9-22-93 [ 1] FAQ about the Institute for Creation Research ICRLIES.ZIP 4K 9-12-93 [ 1] EVOLUTION echo participant reports on his visit to ICR and some of the lies they are still telling in their pamphlets ICROATH.ZIP 5K 6-26-93 [ 2] Oath, tenets, and some history of the Institute for Creation Research ICRSCIEN.ZIP 5K 9-26-93 [ 1] Example of problems often found in ICR's "science" ICRVISIT.ZIP 11K 9-26-93 [ 1] Report of a visit to ICR museum ICRWHOPR.ZIP 13K 9-26-93 [ 1] Some examples (nowhere near a full list) of ICR's whoppers INTROICR.ZIP 3K 9-16-93 [ 0] Some sections from the Introduction to the Institute for Creation Research pamphlet ISOCHRON.ZIP 4K 10-14-93 [ 1] Isochron Dating FAQ ITCRELET.ZIP 1K 12-09-93 [ 0] Letter to the Editor of the Illinois Times in response to creation/evolution article, telling people they can get info from REALL (as printed, 12/9/93); by Your Favorite Sysop JARGON.ZIP 23K 10-14-93 [ 4] "Dictionary" of terms you'll find in evolution/creation discussions JOHNSON.ZIP 7K 10-14-93 [ 1] Critiques of creationist Phillip Johnson's views JURYRIGD.ZIP 11K 10-14-93 [ 1] Evidence for "jury-rigged" design of nature (as opposed to the creationist's "intelligent design") JWBOOK.ZIP 6K 10-14-93 [ 0] Review of Jehovah's Witnesses' supposedly scientific book on evolution/creation JWCANOPY.ZIP 3K 10-14-93 [ 2] Jehovah's Witnesses "water canopy" "theory" JWDISHON.ZIP 11K 10-14-93 [ 1] Some examples of Jehovah's Witnesses dishonesty in attacking evolution JWEVOL.ZIP 7K 10-14-93 [ 1] Jehovah's Witnesses and evolution (and more on the book reviewed in JWBOOK.ZIP) KENYONSC.ZIP 2K 1-21-94 [ 0] Article on Prof. Kenyon, who taught "intelligent design" in his intro college bio course; dept. took away course, he claims violation of academic freedom KOUZNET.ZIP 4K 10-17-93 [ 1] Why Russian creationist Kouznetsov is no scientist LET2CRES.ZIP 2K 10-16-93 [ 0] Evolution echo participant's open letter to creationists who want to attack evolution MACROEVO.ZIP 4K 9-16-93 [ 2] Definition of macroevolution MAGFIELD.ZIP 4K 10-17-93 [ 0] Review of some of creationist Thomas Barnes' claims that magnetic fields show the Earth can't be more than 10,000 years old MAMMOTHS.ZIP 5K 10-18-93 [ 0] Preserved, or mummified, mammoths -- info to counter creationists and Velikovsky-followers MANNORTH.ZIP 5K 2-26-94 [ 1] Tool find shows that Homo Erectus may have migrated much further north than previously thought MANTRACK.ZIP 5K 9-16-93 [ 0] Geologists encounter a "scientific creationist" in Texas, and talk about supposed man-tracks MARSUP.ZIP 2K 3-15-94 [ 0] The Natural History of Marsupials MERITT.ZIP 90K 8-29-93 [ 3] James Meritt's General Anti-Creationism FAQ (also contains a wealth of info on Bible contradictions, Noah's flood, and other anti-literalist stuff) MIMS.ZIP 5K 3-15-94 [ 1] Should creationist Forrest Mims have been hired by Scientific American? Judge for yourself with some of Mims' statements MODSYNTH.ZIP 3K 10-18-93 [ 2] A modern synthesis of genetics & evolution -- a theory of the mechanism of evolution MYSTSUN.ZIP 9K 4-05-94+ [ 1] Your Favorite Sysop's article on the Noah's Ark Hoax: The Incredible Mysteries of Sun Pictures (as it appeared in Skeptic magazine) (see also ARKHOAX.ZIP) NO_JAM.ZIP 9K 9-17-93 [ 2] Refutations of claim that evolutionary simulations jam up computers NOAHCBS.ZIP 2K 7-24-93 [ 2] CBS and Sun Productions show unverifiable nonsense (including a hoax) in show on Noah's Ark NOAHCBS2.ZIP 4K 7-24-93 [ 2] CBS still hasn't owned up to the nonsense it put out in Noah's Ark show; TV critic doesn't like it one bit NOAHCBS3.ZIP 3K 9-22-93 [ 1] Problems pointed out with CBS's Noah show, even without the hoax! NOAHCBS4.ZIP 4K 9-22-93 [ 1] TV critic challenges Sun and CBS to admit to hoax NOAHCBS5.ZIP 4K 11-20-93 [ 1] Article about Sun/CBS Noah's Ark show after George Jammal admitted to hoax, have they learned anything? NOAHCBS6.ZIP 4K 11-20-93 [ 1] TV critic says CBS's credibility is shot after Jammal admits to hoaxing them, and they apparently failed to learn anything NOAHPROB.ZIP 10K 8-21-93 [ 1] Problems with the global (Noah's) flood NOCREAT.TXT 14K 6-14-92 [ 5] Creationism contradicted by scientific evidence (a series of messages) NOCREFLA.ZIP 3K 10-03-93 [ 0] Creationism not allowed as science by Florida school district NODESIGN.ZIP 3K 12-12-93 [ 4] EVOLUTION echo participant explains why the human body shows that we were NOT created thru intelligent design (using info from Dawkins' _The Blind Watchmaker_) OLDEARTH.ZIP 46K 10-21-93 [ 1] Old age of the earth & creationists lack of response ORIGINS.ARJ 185K 6-13-93 [ 3] Collection of files rebutting Creationism: Questions Creationists don't answer; their "credentials"; underhanded tactics some use; correct info about evolution; etc. OVERTHRS.ZIP 3K 10-17-93 [ 0] The Lewis Overthrust -- explanation of geological oddity in which some older layers lie on top of younger ones PALUXY.ZIP 5K 8-23-93 [ 1] Expose' of Paluxy "man-tracks" which supposedly show that man walked the Earth with dinosaurs PERIODCL.ZIP 6K 10-21-93 [ 0] FAQ on periodicals dealing with creation/evolution issues & organizations which publish them -- both pro- and anti-evolution PLIMER.ZIP 12K 10-19-92 [ 2] Australian debunker Ian Plimer takes on (Noah's) Ark-eologists PO-HALOS.ZIP 12K 10-21-93 [ 0] Amateur scientist examines pegmatitic biotite mica, examintions creationist claims RACISMCR.ZIP 4K 9-02-93 [ 2] Does creationism imply racism? READLIST.ZIP 6K 10-26-93 [ 3] Reading list for information to counter creationism; short book, periodical, etc. reviews ROBDAY.ZIP 12K 9-16-93 [ 1] Debate between Rob Day and a creationist, who apparently "set him up" ROYSOCCN.ZIP 2K 10-18-93 [ 0] Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada -- position paper on creationism SC_GAME.ZIP 2K 9-22-93 [ 1] Dr Pepper's "Evidence for Scientific Creationism" game SCICRE01.ZIP 46K 9-16-93 [ 2] Collection of critiques of "scientific creationists" SCOTTKEN.ZIP 7K 3-22-94 [ 2] National Center for Science Education Exec. Dir. Dr. Scott on creationist Prof. Dean Kenyon and his situation at univ. SETERFLD.ZIP 7K 10-22-92 [ 1] Creationist abuses science by trying to explain how the speed of light has changed since "Creation". SETRREB.ZIP 4K 3-29-94 [ 1] Take a good look at creationist Setterfield's info, and look at what happens to the claims (See SETERFLD.ZIP) SHAW_MAG.ZIP 5K 9-17-93 [ 0] Henry Shaw explains magnetostratigraphy SHAWDATE.ZIP 9K 9-17-93 [ 2] Henry Shaw explains radioisotope dating SPECIATE.ZIP 19K 8-19-93 [ 5] Discussion of speciation, including observed instances STUMPERS.ZIP 5K 9-02-93 [ 2] Questions which stump creationists TEDWORLD.ZIP 23K 10-26-93 [ 1] Ted Holden's world -- contains UUencoded GIF of "Pangea" supercontinent TIERRA.ZIP 6K 10-26-93 [ 1] Announcement of Tierra -- evolution simulation program TIMENOAH.ZIP 1K 8-02-93 [ 5] Your favorite Sysop's letter to the editor of Time Magazine about their story on the CBS Noah's Ark show TO_CHUCK.ZIP 155K 9-21-93 [ 0] Responses to creationist Chuck Maier on Talk.Origins (informative!) TO_FAQS.ZIP 170K 9-22-93 [ 1] Frequently Asked Questions & Answers from Talk.Origins -- Lots of good stuff! TO-WLCM.ZIP 9K 8-29-93 [ 0] Welcome Frequently Asked Questions List to Internet's Talk.Origins -- Also has good info on assumptions and debate for any time discussing evolution/creation TRANSIT.ZIP 11K 9-01-93 [ 2] Transitional fossils -- for those who still cling to the outdated, "They haven't found the missing link." VARVEDAT.ZIP 5K 9-02-93 [ 1] Varve dating shows that the Earth is much older than creationists want us to believe VISION.ZIP 13K 9-01-93 [ 4] The evolution of color vision VISTA-CA.ZIP 14K 8-30-93 [ 1] Several LA articles about the Vista school board creationist decision and some responses from Internetters VISTACRT.ZIP 3K 8-19-93 [ 2] School Board ok's teaching of creationism in Vista, CA, led by Institute for Creation Research member VISTAEDT.ZIP 6K 8-30-93 [ 1] Two opposing opinions on creationism as science, with a lawyer FOR it and a Rabbi against it VISTALET.ZIP 1K 8-30-93 [ 1] Letter to Tribune about Vista creationism by your favorite Sysop (unprinted) VISTATRB.ZIP 4K 8-30-93 [ 1] Well-researched article about Vista creationism situation -- shows ultra-religious affiliations of many participants VSTALETS.ZIP 2K 9-12-93 [ 0] 2 Letters to Tribune about Vista creationism article VSTIGIAL.ZIP 9K 9-01-93 [ 2] Vestigial organs -- evidence against creationism WHALELEG.ZIP 2K 1-19-94 [ 3] Skeleton of ancestor of whales found -- with legs! Yet another transitional fossil. WHYLIE.ZIP 3K 9-12-93 [ 3] Why do creationists lie? WRE_0001.ZIP 29K 9-16-93 [ 1] W.R. Elsberry's (EVOLUTION echo Moderator) various articles/FAQ on debunking "scientific creationism" WSJCREAT.ZIP 9K 12-16-93 [ 1] Wall St. Journal opinion piece, letter to the editor in response, and background on case of prof. teaching creationism in intro bio course, now claiming his academic freedom violated when he was pulled from class --- msgedsq 2.0.5 * Origin: The Temples of Syrinx! (1:2430/2112)


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