Tag: Aaron Boyden Define +quot;the theory of creationism.+quot; Has =ANYONE= ever actually

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Tag: Aaron Boyden > Define "the theory of creationism." Has =ANYONE= ever actually > defined what this theory is?! I've never heard it, nor read > about it. Exactly what is the "theory of creationism?" As reconstructed by Frank Awbrey in "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Creation Model" in the first issue of the Creation/Evolution Journal: I. The Creation A. Accomplished by a supernatural being. B. Everything created from nothing relatively recently. C. The Earth was perfectly designed for life: 1: Protected by vapor layer: a: Uniform warm climate. b: Cosmic radiation could not penetrate. 2: No wind or rain. 3: The land irrigated by water from underground. D. All kinds created separately: 1. Each kind is unique and fixed. 2. Each kind is genetically highly variable. E. Humans were uniquely created. F. No decay occurred. II. The Fall A. The Second Law of Thermodynamics invoked: 1. Perfect order began to degenerate. 2. Death, decay, and disorder begin. B. People begin to populate the Earth. 1. All humans descended from the original couple. C. The vapor barrier enabled great longevity. III.The Flood A. Simultaneous, worldwide cataclysm. B. All land was covered within 40 days. C. Flood water had two sources: 1. The vapor barrier. 2. Underground reservoirs. D. The Flood began 1656 years after creation. E. The Flood formed and deposited the geologic column. F. The Flood split the land mass into the present continents. G. The only survivors were aboard one boat: 1. 8 humans. 2. One pair of most kinds of animals. 3. Aboard boat for 371 days. IV. The Post Flood Period A. Left over flood energy caused the ice ages. B. Flood survivors repopulated the Earth. C. All living species are descendants of the survivors: 1. They were modified by horizontal change to fill the Earth. 2. The animals had original genetic variability. D. The water barrier was destroyed- longevity decreased. E. All species degenerate since disorder must increase. F. Present geological processes are different from those of the Flood. Absurd, no? Tends to explain why creationists prefer not to discuss their own "theories."


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