[taken from the +quot;transitional species+quot; faq.] Transitional fossils from early eut

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[taken from the "transitional species" faq...] Transitional fossils from early eutherian mammals to primates: Early primates -- paromomyids, carpolestids, plesiadapids. Lemur-like clawed primates with generalized nails. _Notharctus_, an early Eocene lemur _Parapithecus_, a small Old World monkey (Oligocene) _Propliopithecus_, a small primate intermediate between _Parapithecus_ and the more recent O.W. monkeys. Has several ape-like characters. _Aegyptopithecus_, an early ape. _Limnopithecus_, a later ape showing similarities to the modern gibbons. _Dryopithecus_, a later ape showing similarities to the non-gibbon apes. _Ramapithecus_, a dryopithecine-like ape showing similarities to the hominids but now thought to be an orang ancestor. _Australopithecus_ spp., early hominids. Bipedal. _Homo habilis_. _Homo erectus_. Numerous fossils across the Old World. _Homo sapiens sapiens_. This is us. (NB: "Cro-magnon man" belongs here too. Cro-magnons were a specific population of modern humans.) _Homo sapiens neanderthalensis_ (not on the direct line to _H. sapiens sapiens_, but worth mentioning).


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