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Current Contents of Selected Creationist Literature, #2 September 30, 1991 (C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. ************************ Origins, V. 17, No. 2, 1990, pp. 49-92, Ariel A. Roth, editor, bi-annual. Cover: Morrison Formation in the San Rafael Swell of central Utah, USA. Editorial: Flood Stories--Can They Be Ignored? / by Ariel A. Roth, pp. 51-55. Article: Correlation of C-14 Age with the Biblical Time Scale / by Robert H. Brown, pp 56-65. Annotations From the Literature (topics): Mass Extinctions; Molecular Paleontology; Molecular Phylogeny; Paleobiography; Paleontology; Philosophy of Science; Radiocarbon Dating; Speciation; Taphonomy. pp. 66-73. Literature Reviews (book reviews): Bones of Contention: Controversies in the Search for Human Origins by Roger Lewin / reviewed by Ariel A. Roth, pp. 74-77. The Origin of Species Revisited: The Theories of Evolution and Abrupt Appearance by Wendell R. Bird / reviewed by L. James Gibson, pp. 78-81. Absolute Age Determination by Mebus A. Geyh and Helmut Schleicher / reviewed by R.H. Brown, pp. 82-85. General Science Notes: The Implications of the Oklo Phemomenon on the Constancy of Radiometric Decay Rates by C.L. Webster, pp. 86-92. ************ Origins, V. 17, No. 1, 1990, pp. 1-48, Ariel A. Roth, editor, bi-annual. Cover: View of the Matterhorn from Gornergrat, Switzerland. Editorial: What is Happening to the Philosophy of Science? / by Ariel A. Roth, pp. 3-7. Articles: A Post-Flood Ice-Age Model Can Account for Quaternary Features / by Michael J. Oard, pp. 8-26. Annotations From The Literature (topics): Assumptions Affect Conclusions; Geology; Molecular Clock or Fossil Record?; Molecular Phylogeny of Plant Families?; Paleobiogeography and Plate Tectonics; Paleontology; Precambrian Metazoans?; Rapid Change In Birds; Rapid Change in Insects; Rapid Oil Formation; Speciation and Mutations; Speciation, Bottlenecks and Environmental Stress; Taphonomy, Fossils and Catastrophes. pp. 27-32. Literature Reviews (book reviews): Wonderful Life by Stephen Jay Gould / reviewed by R.H. Brown & Harold G. Coffin, pp. 33-37. General Science Notes: A Catastrophe With an Impact / by L.J. Gibson, pp. 38-47. ************ Creation Research Society Quarterly, V. 28, No. 2, September 1991, pp. 45-80, Donald B. DeYoung, editor, quarterly. Cover: Photographs of Buckhorn Cholla (Opuntia acanthocarpa) by Glen W. Wolfram taken at Quartermaster Viewpoint, Western Grand Canyon, June 11, 1990. Insert: Announcement of the Grand Canyon Research Center of the Creation Research Society. Editor's Comments by Don DeYoung, p. 49 Symposium on Variation -- VIII: New Trends in the Molecular Basis for Variation / by Kevin L. Anderson, pp. 50-51. Symposium on Variation -- IX: Problems in the Interpretation of Variation Within the Fossil Record / by Trevor J. Major, pp. 52-53. Symposium on Variation -- X: Biological Variation / by Frank L. Marsh, pp. 54-59. Articles: Hyperbaric Oxygen and Fracture Healing / by Kevin C. McLeod, pp. 60-64. Functional Proteins: Chaos or Logos / by David A. Kaufmann, pp. 64-66. Panorama of Science: Death Knell for the Big Bang by George Matzko, p. 67. Reprinted CRSQ Volume 5 by Emmett L. Williams, p 67-69. Book Reviews: God's Wedding Band: Reflections on the Creation-Evolution Controversy by Norman DeJong / reviewed by Don B. DeYoung, p. 70. Charles Darwin's Religious Views: From Creationist to Evolutionist by David Herbert / reviewed by Wayne Frair, p. 70-71. Portraits of Creation by Howard J. Van Till, Robert E. Snow, John H. Stek, and Davis A. Young / reviewed by David Newquist, pp. 71-72. Portraits of Creation by Howard J. Van Till... / reviewed by Don B. DeYoung, pp. 72-73. The Genesis Debate: Persistent Questions about Creation and the Flood, edited by Ronald F. Young / reviewed by Frederic R. Howe, p. 73. Environment of Violence by C. Warren Hunt / reviewed by David J. Tyler, pp. 73-74. Voyage to the Stars by Richard Bliss / reviewed by Don B. DeYoung, p. 74. Letters to the Editor: Moon Dust by Glen J. Kuban, pp. 74-75. Response to Kuban by William S. Parks, pp 75-76. Editor's comments by Don B. DeYoung, pp. 76. Meteoritic Activity and Working Hypotheses by Emmett L. Williams, pp 76-77. (Response to Kuban.) Goiter and Plate Tectonics by Alex G. Steward, p. 77. An Ancient Historical Test of the Setterfield-Norman Hypothesis by Robert C. Newman, pp. 77-78. ************ Creation Research Society Quarterly, V. 28, No. 1, June 1991, pp. 1-44, Donald B. DeYoung, editor, quarterly. Cover: Millipede, likely O. ornatus, seen along the bank of the Colorado River near Diamond Creek moving toward shady area. Editor's Comments by Don DeYoung, p. 6. Dedication to Emmett L. Williams by Wilbert Rusch, Sr., p 6. Articles: A Desert Millipede: Evolution or Design? -- An Introduction / by Emmett L. Williams, George F. Howe, and Richard R. White, pp. 7-16. The Correct Approach To Scientific Theories / by Apostolos Ch. Frangos, pp. 17-18. Symposium on Variation -- IV: A Refinement of Biosystematics Which Reflects Baraminic Variation / by Paul A. Bartz, pp. 18-20. Symposium on Variation -- V: Original Kinds and Turtle Phylogeny / by Wayne Frair, pp. 21-24. Symposium on Variation -- VI: The Limits of Biological Variation / by Darrel Kautz, pp. 24-25. Symposium on Variation -- VII: Similarities and Diversity Among Organisms: Which World-View Do They Support? / by G. T. Javor, pp. 25-27. Panorama of Science Evolution: The Emperor's New "Science" / by Bill Crofut & Raymond M. Seaman, p. 27. Reprinted CRSQ Volume 4 / by Emmett L. Williams, pp. 27-29. The Coelacanth's Finny Joints / by H.S. Hamilton, p. 29. Boulder Found In Coal Seam -- Implications / author unknown, pp. 29-31. Index to Volume 27 of the C.R.S.Q., pp. 31-33. Article: Does the Neo-Darwinian Principle of Homology Work at the Genome Level? / by Dimitrij A. Kouznedtsov and Andrey A. Ivanov, pp. 33-35. Philosophical Essay: Historical Variation In the Human Creature / by L. MacAoidh, pp. 35-37. Book Reviews: Genesis and the Dinosaur by Erich A. von Fange / reviewed by Don B. DeYoung, p 37. An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood by Michael Oard / reviewed by Larry Vardiman, p. 37-38. Is God A Creationist?: The Religious Case Against Creation-Science edited by Roland Mushat Frye, pp. 38-40. Letters to the Editors: Reply to Gentry by Robert H. Brown, pp. 40-41. The Fall of Evolution by Allen Bartlet, p. 41. The Dry Land--A Creative Act? by John Potter, p. 42. Archaeopteryx and a Cornish Rock by Mrs. Rebecca J. Gring, p. 42. ************ Origins Talk RBBS * (314) 821-1078 FidoNet 1:100/435 Christian Fellowship Net 8:3006/28 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. 405 North Sappington Road Saint Louis, Missouri 63122-4729 (314) 821-1234


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