Sep0993 11:52PM Velikovsky right theory, wrong planets?? FollowupTo: I found

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From: Chris Nedin Sep-09-93 11:52PM Velikovsky - right theory, wrong planets?? Organization: Geology & Geophysics, Adelaide University From: (Chris Nedin) Message-ID: Followup-To: Newsgroups: I found this in one of the latest aquisitions to the library here: Zharkov, V.N. (1993) The Role of Jupiter in the Formation of Planets. in Evolution of the Earth and Planets. Geophysical Monograph 74, IUGG Volume 14: p 7-? Abstract Five-layer models of Jupiter and Saturn and three-layer models of Uranus and Neptune are considered here, and are shown not to support Mizuno's hypothesis that the embryos of the planets on which the accretion of gas takes place are approximately equal in mass, being 10-15 Mo, where Mo = mass of the Earth. planetesimals expelled from Jupiter's zone after it's formation exerted a significant effect on the formation of the planetary system. It is generally accepted at present that these planitesimals almost completely destroyed the feeding zone in the asteroid belt and reduced the amount of matter taking part in the formation of Mars by a factor of 20. The model for the accumulation of terrestrial planets from two chemically very different components, A and B, is also connected with the influence of Jupiter. It is suggested that the accumulation time of Mars depends on the presence of proto-Jupiter, and is limited by the time scale for the growth of Jupiter. This limit has been roughly estimated to be approx. 1.7 x 10^7 years, which is approximately the time spent by the sun in the T Tauri stage. A new scheme for the formation of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune is proposed. After completion of the formation of Jupiter over a period of approx. (1-2) x 10^7 years, the planet ejects a massive embryo with a mass of approx. 5 Mo into the Saturn feeding zone. This nucleus initiates the formation of Saturn. After the formation of Jupiter and Saturn, massive embryos are ejected into the Uranus and Neptune feeding zones and lead to the formation of Uranua and Neptune over cosmogonically [? - me] realistic time intervals. So, there you have it! It's been a funny old week somehow. < sits back, ponders, looks out of window, past bars, over moat, through electrified fence, between patrolling guard dogs to . . .shrubbery. Of coarse, it's the first week of SPRING!! Should have known, pheromones in the air and NFL American Football back on the tv (go you Oilers! Moooooooon, Moooooooon). Chris -------------------------------------------------------------------- | | "How can Nedin be trusted" | | Dept. of Geology & Geophysics | C Wieland Director, | | University of Adelaide | Creation Research Foundation, | | South Australia 5005 | Queensland Australia | --------------------------------------------------------------------


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