+quot;I keep waiting for the fundamentalist Christians to attack PBS for science series li

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>"I keep waiting for the fundamentalist Christians >to attack PBS for science series like the recent >_Secret of Life_, a fascinating study of DNA that >matter-of-factly confirmed the theory of evolution. >So far, not a peep from the creationists." > >I can't wait to see what comes of this! > As anyone who heard NPRs "Talk of the Nation" last Friday can attest, you didn't have to wait long. Philip Johnson is already claiming that this is an example of something he calls "metaphysical materialism" or some such phrase. This is supposedly the Godless Philosophical System you Evilutionists are foisting on our innocent school children in science classes by not adding "God makes this happen" to every mention of a scientific principle. That was my first Johnson in action, BTW. The man is a slick propagandist and a shrewd debater. He also knows that if you talk first and longest and have no compunctions about interrupting your opponents and talking over them, you can often browbeat them into silence. Alas, his opponents are often scientists who are too rational, honest, and polite to deal effectively with his pit-bull approach, if this exchange was any indication. ************************************************************ * The_Doge of South St. Louis *


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