To : Arthur Biele Subj: Transitions, part 5. 2/2 AB It should be pointed out that the soca

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From: Neal Eldred Posted: 23 Sep 94 09:22 To : Arthur Biele Subj: Transitions, part 5. 2/2 AB> It should be pointed out that the so-called movement of the AB> therapsid's two jaw bones, migrating toward the ear to become the AB> other two ear bones in mammals, is highly speculative and improbable, AB> and is one of those 'just-so' stories of evolution. There are no AB> fossil transitions which actually show these bones becoming the ear of ... Perhaps some of your sources are a bit antiquated. AB> entitled 'Evolutionary Principles of the Mammalian Ear" (1978, Berlin, AB> Springer Velag), an authoritative treatment on the transition of the In 1994, Gould apparently had no problem writing (in _Natural History_, 5/94, pp. 8-15): "We can trace, through a lovely sequence of intermediates, the reduction of these small reptilian bones and their eventual disappearance or exclusion from the jaw, including the remarkable passage of the reptilian articulation bones into the mammalian middle ear .... We have even found the transitional form that creationists often proclaim inconceivable in theory - for how can jawbones become ear bones if intermediates must have unhinged jaws before the new joint forms? The transitional species maintains a double jaw joint, with both the old articulation of reptiles (quadrate to articular bones) and the new connection of mammals (squamosal to denary) already in place! Thus one joint could be lost, with passage of its bones into the ear, while the other articulation continued to guarantee a properly hinged jaw." --- * QMPro 1.52 * If you can't bite, don't show your teeth.


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