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(Part 6 of 6, continued from previous message. Copyright 1991 by the National Center for Science Education. Redistributed in the Evolution Echo by permission of the author.) 6. Snelling (1988, p. 18) points out that Wysong (1976, p. 370) reports a gold chain found in U.S. coal. Wysong describes the June 9, 1891 discovery of a gold chain in coal by a Mrs. S.W. Culp of Morrisonville, Illinois, citing the _Morrisonville Times_ of June 11, 1891 as his only source. Walter Brown's 1989 book, _In the Beginning..._, also reports a gold chain found in coal, for which he cites three sources: Noorbergen (1977), pp. 41-42 of which describe and cite the _Morrisonville Times_ article; an article in the January 1979 _Bible-Science Newsletter_ which I have not obtained; and a letter in the June 1976 _Creation Research Society Quarterly_ which is about a spoon allegedly found in coal and says nothing about gold chains. A list of "fossilized technology" claims and their sources, including some involving coal (but no gold chains) may be found in Corliss (1978, pp. 651- 660). 7. This is a reference to the 1980 case of Emma C. Smith Elementary School in Livermore, Calif., where teacher Ray Baird used materials from the ICR to indoctrinate students with creationism and apparently succeeded in converting some of them to atheism. Plimer had discussed this case earlier in the debate. Price's book gives a good summary (Price 1990, pp. 143-158). 8. I chose these examples not because they are the only ones available but because they are the best ones I am familiar with, having viewed the videotape of the Kitcher debate several times and read a transcript of the Saladin debate. References _Acts & Facts_ 1988. "Evolutionist Debater Descends to All-Time Low." (June) 17:3,5. Bridgstock, Martin 1986. "What is the Creation Science Foundation Ltd.?" In Bridgstock and Smith (1986), pp. 66-71. ---- 1990. 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