To: All Feb2794 16:06:16 Subject: Dino and Phoney show Dino and Phoney Show Last night I a

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From: Larry Sites To: All Feb-27-94 16:06:16 Subject: Dino and Phoney show Dino and Phoney Show Last night I attended The Institute for Creation Research sponsored talk by Kent Hovind, popular Creation Evangelist, titled "Dinosaurs, Geologic Ages, and the Christian" in San Diego, CA. Their flyer says that Dr. Hovind is widely acclaimed as a speaker on creationism in the south and east (over 550 messages per year), but this is his first appearance in San Diego. Dr. Hovind can be contacted at : 29 Cummings Road Pensacola, Flordia 32503 (904) 479-DINO (3466) I asked and was given permission by him to audio tape the presentation. I may later review the tapes and post more detail, but the following is from my notes and memory. I asked him before the talk if he was working for the ICR now. I understood him to say that they were evaluating him as a replacement for Ken Ham. Ham used to give their weekend seminars and has left to run his own organization. Throughout the evening he made several jokes that many might find offensive, especially women, but I suppose that is an accepted part of the christian male dominated mindset. For example, he refered to one of his dino toy props, with blond hair, as his "blondasauras, be sure to talk to her kind of slow". And later that God created Adam first because he didn't want to listen to advice from a woman. At the start, he spent time blaiming humanists for the state of affairs in the US. Since the 60's when evolution was put into the schools and prayer was "taken out," he showed graphs of increased sexually transmitted disease, divorce, crime, unwed birth, and lowered SAT test scores. He said that evolution teaches that an amobea became a frog that became a man, and if people say a frog turning into a prince in a short time is a myth, why does doing it over a long time make it science? He questioned the big bang theory with an analogy of children being thrown from a merry-go-round. If it is spinning clockwise, they will too. He then asked why the sun spins in the oppsite direction of all the planets and pointed out that 2 planets and 11 moons also have reverse rotations. In investigating the age of the earth, he likened it to determining when a ship of gold coins sank. The youngest coin limits the age of the sinking. Then he spent most of his presentation briefly explaining several methods that give a young age to the earth, therefore it must have been created ala the Genesis story. Following are the methods he described. Several of these were also described in a handout titled "Creation and a Young Earth" which, though unauthored, was I believe from the ICR. Young earth age methods: Genesis description of ages of people listed from the beginning. *Small size of current world population. Rate of sun shrinkage. Jupiter cooling faster than it receives heat. Moon receding from the earth. Lack of moon dust. Declining magnetic field of earth. *Slowing of earth's rotation (1/1000 second per day) He actually said that 70 million years ago the dinos would of spun off into space. *Amount of ocean salt. Oil pressure should crack the enclosing rock within 20,000 years. *Missippi river should have filled in the entire gulf by now. *The oldest bristlecone pine is only 4300 years old. The oldest coral reef, Austrialian Great Barrier, is only 4200 years old. *Niagara Falls must be 5-10 thousand years old based on erosion rate. * indicate items in handout. In addation the handout listed these items: Galaxies wind themselves up to fast. Large stars - initial mass to big to be plausible. Comets disinteregrate too quickly. Erosion - why still sharp cliffs; and continents not leveled? Ocean sediment should be over 100 miles thick. Earth's continents erode too fast. Short-lived lunar isotopes U-236 and Th-230 should have decayed long ago. Top soil accumliation rate shows young earth. Not enough sediment on sea floor. Not enough Helium in earth's atmosphere. The handout included references, most are ICR pubs. He says that all old age science is wrong because they first assume an old age. He cited the development of stalagtites 50 inches long under the Lincoln Memorial as counter examples. He believes dinos are still alive, pointed to the Lock Ness thing and later in the question session, a 33 foot long plesiosaur caught in 1977 by a Japanese fishing boat. He wrapped up the talk with a warning about the end times mark of the beast. He said that microchips were planted into the bodies of Desert Storm servicemen. He said that 5 billion microchips small enough to be inserted through a needle were on order and were going to be distributed in Hepititus B vaccine. In the question session later, he said that details on this microchip were compiled by someone who tracks new age and one world order goings on, a Gary Frye at 809 Oriole Lane, Concord, North Carolina, 28025. After a break, he answered questions most about dinos. Someone from ICR interrupped him to say that someone who was visably agitated had left flyers on the cars about flood questions. The flyer identified a Marty L, who posts on FidoNet and they assumed it was him. Kent made fun of Marty for not sticking around or leaving contact information. After the talk was over, I told him how to contact Marty and asked if he would be willing to debate him there. He said he didn't have time and that it would be a waste of time. They apparently removed the flyers as there were none on the cars when I left. The ICR rep had a hand full and gave one to Kent. I saw a few people get one from the rep and there were some questions from it. When I went back to the rep, he said he didn't have any, so I don't know if they were all taken by attendees or were just thrown away to keep them from them. Some of the points Kent made in the question session follow: Carbon dating is based upon unproven assumptions. It is hard for him to find evolutionists to debate him. There have been no scientific advances due to evolutionary theory. Light speed could have slowed down. There is no geological column outside textbooks. The Sphynx illistrates how to interpert the signs of the Zodiac, start with Virgo and end with the lion. Evolutionists believe that dogs and cats came from rocks. Christians should get on school textbook selection committees and use the Garbers "What are they teaching our children" book to select the least evolutionary texts. Christians should demand their public libraries carry books on creationism. In addation to the ICR books on sale, Kent has 16 videos at $10-15 or $160 for all, and 32 audio tapes at $4 or $100 for all, and a "Evolution - NOT" T-shirt for $12. The quote on his product list is "Evolutionism is a religious world view that is not supported by science, Scripture, popular opinion, or common sense. The teaching of this dangerous, mind altering philosopy should be banned in all tax supported schools."


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