Bill Honig and Creationists I am posting excerts from an article that appeared in West, th

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Bill Honig and Creationists I am posting excerts from an article that appeared in _West_, the sunday magazine of the San Jose Mercury News, for Sunday, May 2, 1993. The article by Mark Dowie concerns the events that led to Bill Honig's removal from office on Conflict of Interest charges. Honig was the former State Superintendant of Public Instruction, a democrat appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The article described how Honig had created the situation of his own downfall against the advise of some of his own people, but it also gave an account of how he had made some powerful enemies. Honig's appointment had made enemies of those who supported Wilson Riles, whom he replaced, and of state Republicans on a variety of matters including the accreditation of ICR and teaching of Creationism. It repeats connections that I cited from a news analysis which I quoted from the San Francisco Chronacle which appeared there late last year, namely that right wing Christians had a hand in getting the case against Honig into state prosecution as a criminal case instead of a lesser charge. "Honig has a long list of enemies who ruined him, amomg then the California attorney general, leaders of the Christian Right," [...] "Near the top of the list was [Republican Governor George] Deukmejian with whom he fought [...] over education budgets." [Honig says that there was] "a meeting heald in December 1990 at which Christian Fundementalist David Liewellyn met with State Board of Education Joe Carribino [...] 'to explore ways to dump me.'" I recall that Carribino was the State Bd. of Ed. member who is on record as being opposed to the tecahing of evolution. "When [State Atty. Gen. Dan ] Lungren took office in 1991, he immediately move the [Honig's] case into the criminal division of his department. At the same time he decided not to prosecute two other similar cases [...] Involing Conservative Republican legislators [...] Bill Campbell from Orange Co., and Ken Maddy from Fresno." "In 1983 Honig had challenged the authorization of the Institute for Creation Research [sic] to award academic degrees. Creationism, the core of their curriculum, lacked scientific rigor, he had said. A protacted fight over the issue had ended when the legislature removed ICR from Honig's purview. The fight confirmed the Christian Right's perception that the School's Superintendant was in league with Satan. He was still insisting, after all, that evolution be included as more [...] than just a theory [...]. Thus Bill Honig, evolutionist, multiculturalist, and Jew, became a natural target of fundementalist organizations like The National Association of Christian Educators, who dispatched 'prayer warriors', to assert 'God's will upon Bill Honig.'" -- Bruce Salem ----------------------------------- Your tax dollars at work. --drice


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