I came across the following in Martin Gardner's 1957 Fads + Fallacies on page 327: +quot;I

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From: trott@gandalf.rutgers.edu (Richard Trott) I came across the following in Martin Gardner's 1957 _Fads & Fallacies_ on page 327: "It was also in Germany that pseudo-science recently took a drubbing. A West German patent attorney, Godfried Bueren, boldly offered 25,000 marks (about $6,000) to anyone who could disprove his hollow sun theory. According to Herr Bueren, the sun's flaming outer shell surrounds a cool inner sphere. Covered with vegetation, the dark core can be glimpsed occasionally through sunspots which are nothing more than temporary rents in the blazing shell. The German Astronomical Society carefully ripped the theory apart and when Bueren refused to pay, the society took legal action. Incredible as it may seem, the court decided in favor of the astronomers. Herr Bueren was ordered to pay the sum he had offered, plus court costs and interest. See _Time_, Feb. 23, 1953."


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