Tom Williams May2893 09:07AM Re: Improving your bookstore In article 1120@fedfil.UUCP news

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Tom Williams May-28-93 09:07AM Re: Improving your bookstore Organization: Stanford Univ. Earth Sciences From: williams@pangea.Stanford.EDU (Tom Williams) Message-ID: <1u5gs1$> Newsgroups: In article <1120@fedfil.UUCP> news@fedfil.UUCP (news) writes: >References: <*<> ><> > >In article <>, (Matthew >P Wiener) writes: >*In article <1th9h1$>, salem@pangea (Bruce Salem) >writes: >*> Recently, I saw "Worlds in Colision" in amongst popular >*>science books in a used book shop. I put it on the shelf above along >*>with religion and philosophy (not that it belongs alongside >*>philosophers, but they had the two lumped together.). >*I once saw a bookstore that put all of Ayn Rand's works in fiction. >*-Matthew P Wiener ( > >Worlds in collision is a science book, and your little deed was just one >step away from book-burning and Naziism. Baaaaahaaa. You're very funny Ted. Can someone help me learn how to put an author in a killfile?. > >Seig Heil. Racial insults are very low Ted. Or were you serious with this statement. Tom Williams Department of Geology Stanford University School of Earth Sciences


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