To: All Msg #254, Sep2293 02:32PM Subject: Wow, things are getting weird. Well, things hav

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From: Sue Bishop To: All Msg #254, Sep-22-93 02:32PM Subject: Wow, things are getting weird... Organization: Wright State University From: (Sue Bishop) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: Well, things have gotten stranger and stranger. I decided to call FedFil, the corp. that Ted Holden is accessing the net through. I thought perhaps he worked there, and wanted to at least check with them as to the legalities of what he was posting. Imagine my surprise, shock, astonishment (gasp!) to find that he does NOT work there. Imagine *their* surprise, shock, astonishment to find that he is using THEIR computer! Seems that Ted is a friend of a former employee of theirs who set up this account for Ted to access their computer. Ted has been hacking into their computer, using their computer time, racking up a BIG bill in net access. The gentleman I talked to immediately contacted their legal department. Legal action is being seriously discussed against him for stealing computer time and accumulating monster charges on their net access. The account was immediately blocked so that he is no longer able to access it. Looks like The Tedster has managed to really do it this time. Sue


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