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Tero Sand Mar-21-93 06:17AM FAQTTNA (reorganization) Organization: University of Helsinki From: cust_ts@kruuna.Helsinki.FI (Tero Sand) Message-ID: <1993Mar21.141711.10289@klaava.helsinki.fi> Newsgroups: talk.origins Or: Frequently Asked Questions That Ted Never Answers. All occurrences of "you" are, naturally, referring to Ted. I have reorganized the questions into subject categories. Suggestions on adding/deleting categories, moving questions from one category to the other, and of course adding/deleting questions* are welcome. In the interest of saving bandwith (and to make my job easier, too) these should probably be emailed. * Somebody mentioned the Roche limit isn't a problem. Is this so? Attenuated gravity ================== - How is scaling Kaz up to 70,000 pounds (or whatever you like) relevant to whether sauropods could stand? - How is success or failure in trying to breed big eagles relevant to the maximum weight of a flying creature? - Why do so many dinosaur localities occur at the edges of Pangaea (e.g., the western U.S. and Arctic), the area where, according to Ted's "reduced felt effect of gravity" model, the effects should be minimal because they are located near the paleo-equator? - If gravity was reduced, why aren't fossil trees proportionally bigger? Myth, history, facts ==================== - How do you differentiate between historically accurate myth and fantasy mythology? Do you believe in the Norse gods? Why or why not? - Why is it so easy to find interpretations of mythology which support scenarios totally different from Ted's? - Why does Ted believe that written, fragmentary, multi-translated, emotional, human historical accounts of past events are more objective than physical evidence? [Answer: he has never read/seen Sherlock Holmes?] Pangaea, plate tectonics ======================== - How is calculating the odds of a *given* continent being in a *given* hemisphere at a *given* time relevant to the odds of all continents being in one hemisphere some time in the past? - Why does Ted assume continents move randomly? Furthermore, why does he assume continents moved at all, since all the evidence for their motion is "uniformitarianistic"? - Why does Ted use 1970s vintage plate tectonic interpretations of the Afar Triangle, when plenty of new ones are available? [2] - Why does Ted's model imply total, continual darkness in one hemisphere, and yet dinosaurs and plants were living happily at the darkened edges of Pangaea, and photosynthetic plankton were living in the paleo-Pacific (which wasn't frozen over)? - Why does paleomagnetic pole data _not_ point to the Afar Triangle region during the time of Pangea? Was the magnetic pole perpendicular to the rotational pole? (cf. Uranus) Biology ======= - How did life survive the trip from Saturn to Earth's present position? - How does evolution violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics? - How did the huge increase in radiation during/after the flood _increase_ genetic diversity and allow extremely rapid evolution to occur, when all of biology says that it would drive populations through tiny bottlenecks, actually _decreasing_ diversity? - Why does Ted's model imply a world without seasons (confirmed by Ted), yet fossil trees have seasonal growth rings? - In a world with no seasons, why did trees have deciduous leaves? [this is obvious from the anatomy of the leaf stems, and the sheer quantity of fossil leaves] Astronomy, Geology, Physics =========================== - How was the pole kept pointing at Saturn? - How did Earth survive the Roche limit? - How was the atmosphere retained, that is, neutral particles? - What kept the CO2 from freezing? - How could Jupiter/Saturn be a star when each lacks the required mass? - Assuming an answer, what extinguished the star? - Where was this system, relative to our current solar system? (Were we part of that system in some way also? Or did we just bump into it?) - Why did the large amount of radiation leave no trace in terms of elevated C-14 or Be-10 levels? - Why does astronomical dating (based on orbital calculations) agree with radioisotopic dating? Even if both are considered uniformitarian, how could a catastrophe affect both in exactly the same way? - Why can ten thousand annual layers be counted in ice cores, and none of them show any sign of a flood (note, isotopic analysis shows that these are annual layers, not layers due to individual storms [1]).Why do tree records of the same length agree with this? - Why does the isostatic rebound of the earth agree so well with a loading history which consists of deglaciation occuring between 21,000 and about 6,000 years ago? Why does this particular pattern of isostatic rebound match such various data as the free air gravity anomaly, movement of the rotation pole, and the timing of babylonian eclipses? - Why is there no sign in the above data of the rebound due to the flattening of Rose's "magic mountain"? Such an event should leave unmistakable traces for many tens of thousands of years after the departure of the perturbing force (in this case, the gravity of Saturn). - With the stellar configuration Ted describes, why is there sedimentologic evidence for tidal cycles similar to modern, monthly spring-neep tides due to the moon? Miscellanea =========== - Why does Ted keep misspelling McGowan? - Why does Ted think uniformitarian principles do not allow for different processes from today operating in the past? - Why does Ted think geologists only use this strict sense of uniformitarian principles? [We don't. Simple examples: km-size meteorite impacts or atmospheres without oxygen in the Precambrian.] - Why does Ted criticize "uniformitarianism", and yet says "the laws of physics don't change" (i.e. the same thing)? - Why does Ted use Pangaea as evidence for his theories, and yet criticizes all of the geology used to hypothesize Pangaea in the first place? - How can Ted honestly believe that thousands of disagreeing, debating, competitive geologists, biologists, physicists, etc. in academia and industry are involved in a conspiracy to misinform? - What is Ted's first-hand experience with geology? References: [1. One of the many references on deglaciation histories and isostatic rebound will be found in: Tushingham, A.M. and W. R. Peltier, "Validation of the ice-3g model of Wurm-Wisconsin deglaciation using a global data base of relative sea level histories.", J. Geophys. Res, 1991.] [2. Souriot, T. and Brun, J.-P., 1992. Faulting and block rotation in the Afar triangle, East Africa: the Danakil "crank-arm" model. Geology, v.20, p.911-914.] Tero Sand -- EMail: cust_ts@cc.helsinki.fi or custts@cc.helsinki.fi "I feel most ministers who claim they've heard God's voice are eating too much pizza before they go to bed at night, and it's really an intestinal disorder, not a revelation." - Reverend Jerry Falwell


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