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From: LARRY SITES Posted: 8 Oct 94 08:29 To : ARTHUR BIELE Subj: Grasse lie What liar did you steal your quotes from this time? ARTHUR BIELE to ALL on 10-06-94 19:55 re: "COLLAPSE OF EVOL." 2 AB>The Failure of Mutations to provide the necessary innovations for AB>evolution! AB>There are non harmful mutations, but they are insignificant in scope. AB>For instance, Dr. Pierre Grasse writes ('Evolution of Living Organisms' AB>Academic Press, NY, 1977, p. 88): AB>"the mutations of bacteria and viruses are merely hereditary AB> fluctuations around a median position; a swing to the right, a swing t AB> the left, but no final evolutionary effect. ... No matter how numerous AB> they may be, mutations do not produce any kind of evolution." AB>book quoted above, Pierre Grasse states (p. 103): AB> "The opportune appearance of mutations permitting animals and plants AB> to meet their needs seems hard to believe. Yet the Darwinian theory AB> is even more demanding: a single animal, a single plant, would AB> require thousands and thousands of lucky, appropriate events. Thus, AB> miracles would become the rule: events with an infinitesimal AB> probability could not fail to occur.... There is no law against AB> daydreaming, but science must not indulge in it." Long ago and far away, Dave Mullenix showed how misquoting Grasse is a form of lying. You are a fucking liar and a thief. When are YOU going to repent? Message # 7171 Area : 54 HOT_SEAT From : Dave Mullenix 03-16-93 22:58 To : Glen Davis Subj : Creationist Quotes --------------------------------------------------------------------------- GD>"Evolution is pseudo science." GD> GD> Dr. Pierre Grasse. GD> GD> Theodosius Dobzhansky, in his review of Pierre Grasse's GD> book stated, "The book of Pierre P. Grasse is a frontal GD> attack on all kinds of 'Darwinism.' Its purpose is 'to GD> destroy the myth of evolution, as a simple, understood, GD> and explained phenomena,' and to show that evolution is a GD> mystery about which little is, and perhaps can be known. GD> Now, one can disagree with Grasse but not ignore him. He GD> is the most distinguished of French zoologists, the editor GD> of the 28 volumes of Traite de Zoologie, author of numer- GD> ous original investigations, and ex-president of the GD> Academie des Sciences, His Knowledge of the living world GD> is encyclopedic... And in his review, Dobzhansky thoroughly refutes Grasse's mistakes. Grasse is a Neo-Lamarkian, a philosophy that has not yet totally died out in France. He still believes in the inheritance of acquired characteristics, a theory that was refuted even before Darwin's day. Grasse also realizes that the earth is billions of years old and if you asked him how life has developed on earth, he would list the same sequence of fossils as any Darwinian evolutionist. He differs only in the mechanism for evolution and is not in any way a creationist. For the book you are quoting to print only Dobzhansky's description of Grasse's accomplishments while omitting these facts, which are in the original article, and Dobzhansky's demolishment of Grasse's claims, which follow immediately after the above quote, is a form of lying by telling half truths. It gives us another valuable insight into the moral standards of professional creationists - people who can only sustain their fame, travel and comfortable life style if they continue to manufacture bogus "evidence" like the above. ---end of repost How much did YOU pay for the lies that YOU misreprent as being the product of your own research, thief? The agent of satan that you serve is laughing his ass off and thanking god for your support as he banks your money. Peace, Larry ___ * WR # 398 * A one track mind often has a derailed train of thought --- FMail/386 0.98a * Origin: The Open Forum SD CA (619)284-2924 (1:202/212) From: LARRY SITES Posted: 8 Oct 94 08:50 To : ALL Subj: Biele: xian liar & thief Today we are treated by ARTHUR BIELE to ALL on 10-06-94 19:55 re: "COLLAPSE OF EVOL." to more examples of the christian use of lying and stealing to promote a religion that is itself a lie stolen from other religions. Biele, the thief, presents a series of meeting on mutations AS IF he himself was either there or he himself did the research. He presents an opinion that mutation is ineffective as an evolutionary mechanism AS IF he himself developed this idea. He lies by misrepresenting quotations from Grasse. In a post to Biele, the liar, in this packet I have showed how his use of that quote is a flat out misrepresentation of Grasse, in other words a lie. I did the same thing with his misuse of a Patterson quote in Evolution. In Evolution, I pointed out that if he had actually done the research work necessary to uncover the Patterson quote on his own, rather than stealing it, he would know that his use of it was a lie. Yet here he is not 2 weeks later doing the same thing. If you believe in god and the devil, who does Biele work for? In yesterdays mail, Biele preached thus, "It should be noted that most Christians have, by many non-Christians, been unjustly associated with the wrongful actions of which you speak, acts which had been committed by a relatively few so called `Christians' or by immature, ignorant Christians." Biele is his own worst nightmare and a perfect example of the inevitable effect of christianity, lying and stealing for what is supposed to be truth. What will Jesus have to say when Biele kneels before him?


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