BOOK REPORT Evolution and the myth of creationism Tim M Berra Stanford University Press 19

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BOOK REPORT Evolution and the myth of creationism Tim M Berra Stanford University Press 1990 0-8047-1548-3 QH371.B47 213--d020 A wonderful book. It is concisely written and covers all the bases. I would have prefered a bit more depth, but since it is written as an introduction and overview depth is unnecessary. It is written in textbook style with a paragraph or two of outline at the beginning of each chapter. Significant words are printed in bold where they first appear in the text for referral to the glossary. It addresses the history of evolution, its current state, and creationist canards. There is much citing of lab and field work. Such things as isotopic dating and DNA comparison is explained. The Scopes, Arkansas and Louisiana trials are discussed. Text body is 144 pages divided into 5 chapters: 1. What is Evolution? 2. Geologic Time and the Fossil Record. 3. The Explantionary Power of Evolution. 4. The Evolution of Life and the Rise of Humans. 5. Science, Religion, Politics, Law, and Education. Followed by: Appendix A. Chromosomes, Genes, and Genetic Variation. Appendix B. A Chronology of Charles Darwin. Glossary. Further Reading. The glossary is 14-1/2 pages from "absolute age" to "zygote". The bibliography is 5 pages on evolution, 2 pages on responses to creationism, and 1/2 page on creationism. It took me less than 5 hours to read the text all the way through. I'd say it's just the sort of book one could give to a creationist, or someone who is merely confused by creationists, to read over a weekend. It certainly diposes of all the standard hogwash. Also, i think it is the sort of book that can stimulate junior high and high school aged readers into taking an interest in science.


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