To: All Subject: Dale Crowley, Jr.'s $5,000 Challenge (and possible free beer) A local Cre

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From: Steve Fritzinger - SE Sun Vienna Va To: All Subject: Dale Crowley, Jr.'s $5,000 Challenge (and possible free beer) From: fritz@triguy.East.Sun.COM (Steve Fritzinger - SE Sun Vienna Va.) Organization: Sun Microsystems, Inc. A local Creationist, Dale Crowley, Jr., has a radio show called "The King's Business". He regulary blasts the "lies, and wild guesses" of "evolutionism". Because of the bad weather over the last couple of months, he has been especially active. He says that he likes to discuss "evolutionism" on snow days because all the children will be home from school, listening to him. During the Feb. 9th broadcast (the 9th was another snow day), Crowley announced his $5,000 Challenge. It consists of 3 questions. He will pay $1,000 per question to any person who can answer them with a $2,000 bonus if all three are answered. I wrote him on Feb. 14th and asked for a copy of the questions. Yesterday, they arrived along with a true motherload of Creationist material. Here are the questions. My plan, in the unlikely chance he actually pays off, is to donate 3 or 4 Kbucks to the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History* and then take the remainder, along with any t.o irregulars who can make it, to the Brickskeller** and blow it on beer. 1. "Explain the mechanism, i.e. biological process, by which the first living cell came into being in the absence of a precursor cell containing the DNA genetic molecule to direct the formation of the cell." 2. "Explain the mechanism, i.e. biological process, by which evolving creatures produced DNA molecules within their own cells sufficiently different from their precursor cells to give rise to new creatures with new features, new capacities, new instincts etc." 3. "Explain the mechanism, i.e. the biological process, by which evolving creatures could cling to life, survive, and evolve in a hostile world when their immune systems were not yet in place and not yet fully functioning." Each question contains the caveat, "Mere guesses and/or assertions of dogma will not do. The answer requires laboratory or other observed evidence based on modern scientific knowledge about the world we live in." He also says that, "Contest judges will be three Ph.D biologists selected by 'The King's Business' radio program." Crowley seems to be pretty well connected with other creationists. Any idea who the three judges will be. E-mail or post your input. I'll write up a draft response, and post it here for criticism, then send the final in to Crowley. This looks like slow pitch to me. Let's knock it out of the park. Steve * Crowley was involved in a late 70's suit against the Smithsonian to prevent them from using "a portion of your God-given income to support an institution which is committed to the work of turing people away from the God you love and serve", so this should really tweak him off. Besides it will look good on my '94 1040. ** The "Bricks" is one of Washington's best beer bars. It's the only place I know where you can get a 15 year old bottle of Thomas Harding's Curiously Strong Stout. -.-- Steve Fritzinger -- steve.fritzinger@East.Sun.COM ============================================================== From: Steve Fritzinger - SE Sun Vienna Va To: All Subject: More on Dale Crowley, Jr. From: fritz@triguy.East.Sun.COM (Steve Fritzinger - SE Sun Vienna Va.) Organization: Sun Microsystems, Inc. In addition to asking for the questions for Crowley's $5,000 challenge, I also asked him to explain some remarks he made in his Feb. 14th broadcast. Here's a portion of my letter: I am also curious about some of your comments on today's broadcast. You said that while "survival of the fittest" was a fact, natural selection is an "evolutionary fairy tale". This claim is at odds with the common perception that natural selection is the "survival of the fittest". Would you please explain why you think the two are at odds with each other? In response, I received a hand-written note which says: Natural selection is *supposed* to change genetic code. **Foolishness** Survival of the fittest happens all the time and strengthens the already existing gene pool. * underlined in original ** double-underlined in original Today I'm writing back to clarify some issues about the contest, and to comment on some of the material he sent me***. I'm also going to point out that Chapter IV of _The Origin of Species_ is titled "Natural Selection; or The Survival of the Fittest". Steve *** This includes a sheet titled "Some Scientific Concepts in Support of the Creation-Science Premise". It contains, among other jewels, the 1st and 2nd laws of Thermodynamics, moon dust, magnetic field decay, the Glen Rose Mantrax, and the odds of a 100 amino acid protein forming "randomly." [They don't. -- drice] --- Steve Fritzinger -- steve.fritzinger@East.Sun.COM


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