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From: James J. Lippard To: All Oct-19-93 04:21PM Subject: "Experts" on CBS/Sun Pictures "Noah's Ark" Show Organization: University of Arizona From: (James J. Lippard) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups:,sci.skeptic,alt.atheism The following is a list of the "experts" which appeared on "The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark," which aired on CBS on February 20, 1993. I'd appreciate assistance in identifying these people and their credentials. Also, if anybody in Utah would like to look into the ownership and finances of Sun International Pictures for me, please contact me via email. (BTW, for those interested in this subject--David Balsiger's other projects in the past have included putting out the "Biblical Scorecard" on political candidates and ghostwriting Mike Warnke's fraudulent "autobiography," _The Satan Seller_. Balsiger was the "Chief Researcher" for "The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark.") 1. Ed Behling, "Noah's Ark Eyewitness" 2. George Schwinghammer, "Retired USAF F100 Pilot" 3. George Jammal, "Noah's Ark Eyewitness" Actor, Long Beach, CA 4. Dr. John Whitcomb, "Professor of Old Testament Studies" Th.D., 1957, Grace Theological Seminary Taught for 38 years at Grace Seminary (_Acts & Facts_, Nov. 1992) Co-author with Henry Morris of _The Genesis Flood_, based on his dissertation (with the Velikovsky references and most of the George McCready Price references removed) 5. Cliff Moody, "Research Librarian" 6. Fernand Navarra, "French Author/Explorer" 7. Dr. Philip Hammond, "Professor of Anthropology" Professor of Anthropology, University of Utah Token skeptic 8. Dr. Charles Berlitz, "Author - The Lost Ship of Noah" Author of numerous crackpot books, well noted for their unreliability 9. Dr. Ethel Nelson, "Chinese Pictograph Linguist" Ethel R. Nelson, M.D., Dunlap, TN (_Impact_ No. 169, July 1987) 10. Dr. John Morris, "Professor of Geology" Ph.D., 1980, University of Oklahoma ICR Administrative Vice President; Professor of Geology at ICR Graduate School Former Assistant Professor of Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma (_Back to Genesis_, Nov. 1990) 11. Dr. Rodney Vliet, "Professor of Cultural Studies" 12. Dr. Carl Davis, "Old Testament Historian" 13. Dr. David Richardson, "Professor of Humanities" 14. Dr. Don Shockey, "Professor of Anthropology" 15. George Williamson, "Noah's Ark Model Expert" 16. Roger Oakland, "Author/Science Professor" Author or co-author of several books and video and audio tapes sold by Master Books, the publishing offshoot of the ICR, including _The Evidence for Creation_ and _Evolution Conspiracy_ (Master Books catalog, Summer 1993) 17. Richard Bright, "Ark Sightings Chronicler" 18. Dr. Ken Cumming, "Professor of Biology" Ph.D., 1965, Harvard University Taught at Virginia Tech (where he met Henry Morris), Christian Heritage College (founded by Tim LaHaye, and which spawned the ICR), and is presently Professor of Biology at the ICR Graduate School (_Back to Genesis_, March 1991) 19. Dr. Richard N. Vineyard, "Professor of Zoology" Token skeptic 20. Dr. Kenneth Ebel, "Professor of Biology" 21. Dr. Henry Morris, "Professor of Hydraulics" Ph.D., 1950, University of Minnesota Founder and President of the ICR Was Professor and Dean of Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (_Back to Genesis_, Aug. 1990) 22. Dr. Elfred Lee, "Archaeological Illustrator" 23. John Wanvig, "Mt. Ararat Explorer" 24. Megan Butler, "Editor - Anastasia The Lost Princess" 25. Vence Will, "World War II USAF" 26. William Klauber, "Field Geologist" Token skeptic 27. Grant Richards, "Geologist - Geophysicist" 28. Dr. David Clark, "Professor of Biblical Studies" 29. Dr. Larry Vardiman, "Professor of Atmospheric Science" Ph.D., 1974, Colorado State University Professor at ICR Graduate School 30. David Coppedge, "Astronomer" 31. Dr. Walter Brown, "Professor Emeritus - Physics" Ph.D., MIT (mechanical engineering) Director, Center for Scientific Creation, Phoenix, AZ 32. Debbie Redmer, "Mount Ararat Climber" 33. John McIntosh, "Noah's Ark - Ararat Expeditioneer" 34. Ron Bennett, "UPI White House Photographer" 35. Ray Anderson, "Photo Analyst" 36. Ed Davis, "Noah's Ark Eyewitness" 37. Larry Williams, "Publisher - Archaeologist" 38. Dr. Ahmet Ali Arslan, "U.S. Bureau Chief - TURKIYE" 39. Dr. Carl Baugh, "Paleoanthropologist" Rev. Baugh has no genuine doctoral degree 40. Mike Holman, "Satellite Imagery Analyst" 41. Dr. Paul Meier, "Ararat Expedition Physician" Psychiatrist, Richardson, TX Co-founder of Minirth-Meier Clinics, providing "a ministry for Christ as well as to help hurting people" 42. Jan vanden Bosch, "Dutch National Television" 43. Dr. Tim LaHaye, "Author - The Ark of Noah" Founder of Christian Heritage College, where the ICR originated Co-founder of the Moral Majority Husband of Beverly LaHaye, head of Concerned Women for America Jim Lippard Lippard@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU Dept. of Philosophy Lippard@ARIZVMS.BITNET University of Arizona Tucson, AZ 85721


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