Tillites are rocks formed from till, which are glacial deposits. Period. They are in no wa

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Tillites are rocks formed from till, which are glacial deposits. Period. They are in no way deposited by "flood waters" nor are they formed by anything other than glacial activity, and later indurated. (What do the Creationism Pseudoscientists mean by "flood waters?" Fluvial floodwaters? Lacustrine floodwaters? Paludal floodwaters? Or their fictional construct of "Noachian Deluge Global Floodwaters?) Striations are a general term for preferentially oriented longitudinal grooves. Rocks can be striated by glacial movement (i.e., "glacial striations"), faulting ("slickensides") or shells of organisms can be striated; but this is not the point. The point is that glaciers and the alpinoarctic environment produce a unique and diagnostic set of depositional morphologies and environmental indicators of that glacial depositional environment. "Flood waters" is such a vague geomorphic term (see above) that it is essentially meaningless without some sort of modifier (see also above). River flood water deposits differ from lake flood water deposits, etc., ad infinitum for any sort of flow from a flood event. One key demarcation in this argument, aside from the definitions of striae and tillites is that till (whence coemth tillites) is a glacial deposit which IS UNSORTED and UNREWORKED by glacial meltwater. It is a primary glacial deposit. In no way could floodwaters of any kind (which, are, of course, water borne) deposit anything as unsorted and unstratified that could possibly be so grossly misidentified as till. SS> As a strictly personal idea, I believe a large majority of the SS> limestone deposits were a product of the flood. Your personal idea has no scientific merit. Limestones are either direct marine chemical precipitates, formed in concert with evaporites or the accumulation of untold trillions and trillions of microscopic calcareous organisms; which, BTW, REQUIRE quiet, deep, and probably anoxic water for long periods of time (millions of years) for the accumulations of such vast thicknesses of biogenic carbonate rocks known from around the globe.


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