To : Jesse Hornbacher Subj: flood myths around t JH If you present no evidence of such you

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From: Matt Giwer 10 Jun 94 20:58 To : Jesse Hornbacher Subj: flood myths around t JH> If you present no evidence of such you are engaging in JH> axiomatic arguments. Without presenting a basis for the JH> statement "there were other cultures ... and those JH> cultures continued" there is nothing to debate. All I can JH> say is, no there were not. If you wish to present JH> evidence, which can be discussed, please present it. That JH> was the totality of my logic. What was the flaw? Noah's flood: Let's look at the Biblical dates. I Kings 6:1 says that 480 years passed from the start of the Exodus to the start of construction on the first temple by Solomon. Gal 3:17 says that 430 years passed from the covenant with Abraham to the delivery of the Law to Moses. The chapters of Genesis after the Flood account give the periods in years that passed between the births of various individuals from Noah to Abraham, giving a period of 390 years from the Flood to the covenant with Abraham. Thus, according to the Bible, the Flood took place 1300 years before Solomon began construction of the first temple. a) This is a clear, direct, falsifiable claim. These are clear, unambiguous statements that a period of X years elapsed between two events. b) The event itself (a global Flood that wiped out all but 8 humans) would be pretty hard to miss or gloss over. c) Because there were any number of literate cultures in the near East, who recorded dynastic lists, raised monuments giving dates and length of reigns, and sent ambassadors to each others' courts, we can pretty reliably construct chronologies for near Eastern history, particularly for Egypt, and without reference to (but supported by) dating methods such as carbon-14 with corrections from tree-ring sequences. d) The upshot of which is that the building of the first temple can be dated to 950 B.C. +- some small delta, placing the Flood around 2250 B.C. Unfortunately, the Egyptians (among others) have written records dating well back before 2250 B.C. (the Great Pyramid, for example dates to the 26th century B.C., 300 years before the Biblical date for the Flood). No sign in Egyptian inscriptions of this global flood around 2250 B.C. e) Therefore, either we have to reject the historicity of the Flood account; accept the historicity of the Flood account, but explain away the clear Biblical dating of the event; or accept the Biblical account and chronology, and reject the massive amount of written and archeological evidence estab- lishing the chronology of history in the near East. JH> Dating is a problematic thing. Give or take a few thousand JH> years, assuming the methods are accurate, etc. Just JH> because someone says so doesn't make it so. The Bible says it.


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