To: Steve Bedard Oct1393 21:38:32 Subject: No Nonsense On (08 Oct 93) Steve Bedard wrote t

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From: Marilyn Burge To: Steve Bedard Oct-13-93 21:38:32 Subject: No Nonsense On (08 Oct 93) Steve Bedard wrote to Marilyn Burge... SB> SB> Do you have evidence for these claims? I doubt it. Jesus was a I have documentation, which is based on evidence. Yes. "The truth is that the entire Bible is derived from this heathen source. The nythoplasm of all myths is that of the creation of the world, and all antiquity dramatized it. Below are a few of the better known deluge myths with their Noahs and their gods. Culture Hero Warned By --------------------------------------------------------------- Hebrew Noah God Babylonian Utnapishtim Ea Persian Yima Ahura Mazda Hindu Vaivasvata Vishnu's Avatar Chaldean Xesuthras Chinos Greek Deucalion Prometheus Ostyaks Pairachta Turin Votyaks Noj Inmer Mexican Nata Titlacuhuan Algonquin __ Glooscap Choctaw __ The Great Spirit" The book is named "Deceptions and Myths of the Bible" by Lloyd M. Graham. Just once you ought to read something from the "other side" of the argument, unless you are scared to. The similarities between the Twelve Tribes of Israel, the Twelve Diciples, and the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac extend far beyond the number "twelve," I can assure you. For more on this topic, you might try "Christianity Before Christ," which I cannot quote from, because I lent it to my fundy friend.


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