JC Someone on this echo once said that a species had been bred in a JC laboratory somewher

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JC> Someone on this echo once said that a species had been bred in a JC> laboratory somewhere, and that this species had been "evolved"[sic] JC> into a new non-cross-fertile species. It happens hundreds of times. It's no big deal. JC> Could someone please cite the source of this information? JC> Or was that just a hoax or something? A "hoax?" How could it be a "hoax?" Weiberg, James R..Starczak, Victoria R..Jorg, Daniele. "Evidence for rapid speciation following a founder event in the laboratory." Evolution. V46.P1214(7) August, 1992. Kluger, Jeffrey. "Go fish. (rapid fish speciation in African lakes)." Discover. V13.P18(1)March, 1992. Hauffe, Heidi C..Searle, Jeremy B. "A disappearing speciation event? (response to J.A. Coyne, Nature, vol. 355, p. 511, 1992)" Nature. V357. P26(1)May 7, 1992 Barrowclough, George F. "Speciation and Geographic Variation in Black-tailed Gnatcatchers." (book reviews) The Condor. V94. P555(2) May, 1992 Rabe, Eric W..Haufler, Christopher H. "Incipient polyploid speciation in the maidenhair fern (Adiantum pedatum; Adiantaceae)?" The American Journal of Botany. V79.P701(7) June, 1992. Nores, Manuel. "Bird speciation in subtropical South America in relation to forest expansion and retraction." The Auk.V109. P346(12)April, 1992 Kondrashov, Alexey S..Jablonka, Eva.Lamb, Marion J. "Species and speciation." (response to J.A. Coyne, Nature, vol.355, p. 511, 1992) Nature. V356.P752(1)April 30, 1992 Spooner, David M..Sytsma, Kenneth J..Smith, James F. "A molecular reexamination of diploid hybrid speciation of Solanum raphanifolium." Evolution. V45.P757(8)May, 1991 Orr, H. Allen. "Is single-gene speciation possible?." Evolution. V45. P764(6)May, 1991 Miller, Julie Ann. "Pathogens and speciation. (Research Update)." BioScience.V40. P714(1) Nov, 1990. Barton, N.H.Hewitt, G.M. "Adaptation, speciation and hybrid zones; many species are divided into a mosaic of genetically distinct populations, separated by narrow zones of hybridization. Studies of hybrid zones allow us to quantify the genetic differences responsible for speciation, to measure the diffusion of genes between diverging taxa, and to understand the spread of alternative adaptations. (includes related information)" Nature. V341. P497(7)Oct 12, 1989. Wright, Karen. "A breed apart; finicky flies lend credence to a theory of speciation." Scientific American. V260. P22(2)Feb, 1989. Coyne, Jerry A.Orr, H. Allen. "Patterns of speciation in Drosophila." Evolution. V43. P362(20) March, 1989. Feder, Jeffrey L.Bush, Guy L. "A field test of differential host- plant usage between two sibling species of Rhagoletis pomonella fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) and its consequences for sympatric models of speciation." Evolution. V43. P1813(7) Dec, 1989. Soltis, Douglas E.Soltis, Pamela S. "Allopolyploid speciation in Tragopogon: insights from chloroplast DNA." The American Journal of Botany.V76. P1119(6) August, 1989. Coyne, J.A.Barton, N.H. "What do we know about speciation?." Nature. V331. P485(2) Feb 11, 1988. Barton, N.H.Jones, J.S.Mallet, J. "No barriers to speciation. (morphological evolution)." Nature.V336. P13(2)Nov 3, 1988. Kaneshiro, Kenneth Y. "Speciation in the Hawaiian drosophila: sexual selection appears to play an important role." BioScience. V38. P258(6)April, 1988. Gottlieb, L. D. 1973. "Genetic differentiation, sympatric speciation, and the origin of a diploid species of Stephanomeria." American Journal of Botany 60(6):545-553 Stebbins, G. L. 1950. "Variation and Evolution in Plants." Columbia University Press.New York Rice and Salt 1988. American Naturalist 131:911 Dobxhansky and Pavlovsky, 1957 "An experimentallly created incipient species of Drosophila," Nature 23: 289- 292 Weinberg, et. al, 1992 "Evidence for rapid speciation following a founder event in the laboratory," Evolution 46: 1214 T. Yosida."Cytogenetics of the Black Rat."University Park Press, Baltimore, 1980. D. Morris."The Mammals."Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1965. G. H. H. Tate."Some Muridae of the Indo-Australian region," Bull. Amer. Museum Nat. Hist. 72: 501-728, 1963.


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